Here is How Social Media Negatively Affecting your Mental Health

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Dec 14, 2017
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  • Facebook is helping people to stay connected
  • Effect of Facebook on mental health is adverse
  • Facebook is making more and more people seeking psychiatric help

In today’s world, people are pretty social. Yes, Facebook is there to help people to stay connected. Although, the fact cannot be ignored that staying online on Facebook is wrecking the psychological well being. 


Yes, the effect of Facebook on mental health is adverse. Tha anxiety of Facebook is clearly seen as more and more people seeking psychiatric help. 

It Makes you Feel Unwanted

You are randomly scrolling down your feed and suddenly you see a photo of your friend’s birthday party. First you like it and even comment something positive but then all of a sudden you realize that you weren’t invited. Yes, and this is the part where anxiety of Facebook kicks in. The feel of being unwanted may make one withdraw from socializing, and it may aggravate to an extent where people get depressed and this is the basic pattern of social media affecting health. 

It Elevates the Level of Stress

Usually people use Facebook to unwind and to escape from the mundane yet pretty chaotic lifestyle while the truth is that those 500 friends on Facebook are enough to stress you out. All of them seeking your undivided attention, which is nearly impossible and then you stress out to be more social, you worry that you may fail to give them all the deserved attention. Whereas you need to learn that being social on virtual world isn’t being social when you haven’t even met half of them or may be none of them. 

You Get Discouraged

When you post your photos and you don’t get the desired number of likes and comments, you start getting discouraged and self-conscious about the way you look. And soon enough the time comes when you start considering yourself ugly. Such is the effect of Facebook on mental health that you need assurance from others; you don’t know your own worth. 

You Start Comparing your Life with Other People

You are scrolling up and down your feed and then all of a sudden you see a photo of your friend enjoying vacations on a tropical island. The moment you see the photo you start comparing your life with their life. Then grows the feeling of misery inside of you, you start pitying yourself for not having a cool life as your friend’s. You must never compare your life with others because you never know the real struggles that person might be going through. Feeling miserable about your life for no real reasons is an adverse effect of Facebook on mental health.

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