How to Cure Juvenile Diabetes

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Mar 01, 2012

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How to Cure Juvenile DiabetesJuvenile diabetes or diabetes in kids is a rare occurrence. Like diabetes that occurs in adults, there is no treatment for juvenile diabetes and the patient needs to depend on managing the symptoms. The diabetic kids are left with no choice but to inject insulin in their bodies. This is because insulin is needed for processing of glucose from the bloodstream into the cells of the body. They need to inject insulin twice a day in most cases. There has been the development of small pump using which insulin can be constantly pumped into the system of the patient.


The Juvenile Diabetes Diet


This is as essential for the treatment of juvenile diabetes as taking insulin. The diet includes whole grains, foods high in fibre, fresh fruits and vegetables, foods that contain high level of antioxidants, and omega 3 fatty acids. The patient needs to avoid high sugar foods as well as those that contain high fructose corn syrup. You would do well to schedule your meals at the same time each day. Doctor would recommend you to take frequent light meals instead of 3 heavy meals. This helps to keep the blood pressure in control.

Exercise for Juvenile Diabetes


Exercise is good for you anyway and especially for kids who have diabetes. They can keep their bodies in shape and also keep the blood pressure under control. You can take heart from the fact that lot of professional athletes have developed diabetes and they were still able to continue with their profession.

Kids with diabetes should remember that they are like any other kids with just a little bit of oddity. They would need to account for the fact that their bodies do not produce insulin anymore. You might have to check your blood sugar, have a snack in the middle of a bus ride during a long trip, wake up earlier than other kids to monitor the insulin and a few other precautions; It does not mean they cannot otherwise have a normal life.

Kids with diabetes can still go out with their friends, play their favourite sports, and even go on long trips. You still have enough in common with the rest of the kids of your age to worry too much about it. In fact, worrying would only make your condition worse. So, not getting stressed or anxious is another important advice for Juvenile diabetes treatment.


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