How to Cure Dry Cracked Skin

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Apr 23, 2012

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A glowing healthy skin is what everyone desires, but only a few have. While heredity plays a key role in determining the kind of skin one is born with, a good maintenance regime goes a long way in keeping it beautiful.  The most common skin problem that follows the winter season is dry skin. There are a number of ways to cure dry cracked skin, but determining the root cause of the dryness would be a good idea to start with.


Tips on dealing with dry cracked skin


  • Dry and cracked corners of lips commonly suggest a deficiency of vitamin B. You can consume vitamin B complex supplements to smoothen out the dry areas substantially. Ensure that you consult a doctor prior to consumption.
  • Cracked corners of lips that persist despite the consumption of vitamin supplements could be cold sores or a herpes simplex infection.  A visit to the doctor and a course of antibiotics would be required in this case.
  • To cure dry cracked skin on the heels, massage them with petroleum jelly or Vaseline at bedtime. Thereafter, wear socks overnight for prompt results.
  • Licking your lips repeatedly and exposing them to cold air would result in chapped lips.  Get rid of the habit and apply a good lip balm before going outdoors.
  • If you have dry skin, avoid using a toner during winter season. Instead, incorporate a Vitamin E rich moisturizer into your regular skincare regime.
  • Diet plays a pivotal part in keeping your skin glowing and healthy.  Consume a balanced diet and make sure to include a handful of nuts in your breakfast as they are a good source of vitamin E.
  • Primrose oil capsules are known to cure dry cracked skin and other skin ailments. Any sort of medication or supplement consumption, however, should not be done without consulting the doctor.
  • A decreased thirst in the winter season leads to dehydration of the skin.  Make sure you have 8 glasses of water regardless of whether you are thirsty or not.
  • Warm olive oil massage once a week followed by a bath will keep your skin supple during winter.
  • Lastly, never use extremely hot water for bathing as it strips the skin of oil and moisture. Use only tepid or warm water for bath.

Follow the aforementioned tips and incorporate simple changes in your skin care regime during winter to not only cure dry cracked skin but also prevent it.


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