Crooked Teeth: How They Influence Your Oral Health

Crooked teeth may influence your oral health and can become a cause of gum disease, bad breath, and tooth wearing.

Varun Verma
Written by: Varun VermaUpdated at: Dec 07, 2022 19:57 IST
Crooked Teeth: How They Influence Your Oral Health

Having crooked teeth is a very common issue. People who have them become conscious of smiling or the aesthetics of their teeth. This perception can vary from person to person, but what stays constant are oral health issues that come with crooked teeth. Crooked teeth may influence your oral health, affecting your quality of life. This forces some people to get their crooked teeth realigned. Here're some ways crooked teeth can influence your oral health. 

Difficult to Clean

People who don't have fully aligned teeth face difficulty while brushing and flossing their teeth. The teeth cleaning process is more challenging for people who have crooked teeth. It becomes harder for the brush to reach narrow spaces between teeth. The condition is the same when we consider flossing. Getting that crucial floss between crowded teeth is nearly impossible when the teeth are close together.

Difficulty in Chewing

Many people can have crooked teeth because of a misaligned jaw. As a result of this, the upper and lower teeth may protrude, making it challenging to chew since they rub against one another. You run the risk of choking or experiencing digestive problems if you can't properly chew your meal.

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Risk of Gum Disease

Given how much harder it is to clean in between your teeth when you have crooked teeth, you are far more likely to get gum disease. This is because there is more room for bacteria to grow and plaque to form when your teeth are crowded or misaligned. The plaque accumulation happens between your teeth, which encourages the growth of dangerous bacteria, leading to gum disease like gingivitis. 

Faster Tooth Wearing

When your lower teeth are crowded, one or more of your bottom teeth may protrude and brush up against your upper teeth. This could lead to problems and could eventually lead to excessive enamel wear. When teeth grind against one another, the protective enamel slowly wears away, leading to issues like cavities and possibly an abscessed tooth.

Bad Breath

It is not surprising that you can get some bad breath if you have crooked teeth. This is because the bacteria that cause bad breath tend to retain between your teeth. Since it can be challenging to remove all of the bacteria from between your crooked teeth, your breath may end up smelling foul. However, the best way to prevent bad breath from happening is to address the problem. You can try to do this by using mouthwash and breath freshening products.

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Risk of Broken Teeth

Crooked teeth put excessive strain on your jaw, jaw muscles, and also on your teeth. You can notice this if your jaw is tensed all the time. Stressed jaw muscles can hurt and put undue strain on teeth, increasing the risk of the tooth breaking. Once your tooth breaks, it brings additional issues and discomfort with it and you have to undergo dental restoration to make it normal.


Thus, if you have crooked teeth and they are causing harm to your oral health, then it is time to go to a dentist and get possible treatment for it.

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