How to Cope With Your Child's Tantrums?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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Every child is special and has an individual temperament or disposition. However, some children can also throw unexpected and unprovoked tantrums, but they outgrow this phase if you deal with it properly. Read on to know how to cope with your child’s tantrum.

  • Don’t expect too much from your child; small children often throw a tantrum to let off steam. Afterall, they cannot express their feelings in words, so they have to use their only weapons, noise.
  • Try to find the possible cause for incessant crying and screaming, like an infant way be teething or have colic, or he might be just tired.
  • If the baby is small, try to sooth him by rocking him, singing lullabies or playing soothing music.
  • With an older child, best to find the cause for the long term anyway.  Meanwhile, try to divert his attention by playing with him or switching on the TV. If he persists, just ignore him until you can figure out his problem.
  • If your child is screaming to get his way do not relent. Just say a firm “no” and walk off as giving in encourages him that his methods are working.


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