How to Childproof your Relationship before Getting Pregnant

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Dec 10, 2012

Childproof your Relationship before Getting Pregnant

Having your first baby marks the end of honeymoon period and the beginning of a whole new adventure in your matrimony. While for some, the coming of the baby may bring joy,  for others, it can be a topsy-turvy road ahead. Arrival of a new member can put an end to last minute movies, romantic sex, night-outs, a good night’s sleep and lots of other pleasures. According to various studies, two-third of the couples becomes significantly less happy after the arrival of their first baby.


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It is the lack of preparation for all the work that a baby’s arrival is likely to bestow on the couple that causes them to surrender to failure. It is therefore, important that couples baby-proof their relationship before the arrival of their first child.

Here are some tips to do it.

Discuss parenting

It’s better to talk to each other about parenting before the arrival of the baby because once the baby is born, it will be too late to hold a discussion. Both the partners must discuss and sort the differences in opinion about certain issues such as parenting discipline, values you want your child to assimilate, what your hopes and dreams are regarding the little one, etc.

Realise life will be different

Both of you need to realise that life won’t be as smooth as it is now. Address your post-baby issues, requirements and be realistic. You will have to compromise on various aspects of life, little or big. Talking to friends who are parents already is a good idea to get a close picture of the challenges that you will probably face.

Sex life will change

Sex life takes a back seat after the arrival of the baby and this proves to be a deciding factor in most of the relationships. Doctors recommend couples to resume their sex life only after six weeks of the delivery. It will be a tiring job to meet all the requirements of the baby. Your sex life will take time to resume but you must strive to spend quality time with each other and share moments of intimacy till the time your sex life resumes. This way you won’t be deprived of sex.  


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Time for each other

It will be hard to take time out for each other post the baby’s arrival because caring for the newborn itself will eat your time. Plan how you would spend your time post the baby’s arrival right when the baby is yet to be born. Make sure you keep a slot for some quality couple time. Try to dine at your favourite restaurant, spend time together in the garden, drive to the country-side during weekends, etc. to give your relationship the required time to nurture.

On the day you first hold your baby in your arms, you will know that life will never be the same again, and when the baby grows up to be a man/woman, he/she will know that many years ago his parents loved each other and planned to give birth as a mark of respect for their unending love.


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