Essential Relationship Skills

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Sep 05, 2012

There was a time when your relationship meant unhindered romance; a time, when you fell in love with the same person over and over. Your relationship once was the base for your emotional security. But with each passing day is trying to keep your relationship alive smothering you?  Perhaps you still haven’t worked on these relationship skills that may help preserve the spark in your relationship.[Read: 5 Tips for Keeping a Relationship Fresh]



Effective Communication— When was the last time you bought your partner his favourite coloured shirt? Well, don’t you even remember what his favourite colour is? This clearly indicates a lack of communication between both of you. Irrespective of how well you know your partner, you must keep yourself updated about what your partner likes or dislikes because choices and interests change every day.Therefore, communicating and learning about each other every day will help your relationship to grow and evolve. Besides, talking out will clear any misunderstandings. [Read: Why is Communication Important for Relationships?]


Resolving Conflicts— Do you turn into a sarcastic prick every time you have a fight with your partner? If so, let us tell you, this will never help you to resolve the conflicts and get back to a normal swing.  Ego-clashes and arguments are common to all relationships, but what matters is how both of you move on after a disagreement. If a partner fails to pacify the other, the likelihood of the relationship standing out in odd times is meagre.[Read: Ways to Resolve Marital Problems]


Learn How to Listen — Do you really listen to your partner when he/she gives his opinions or takes decisions with you? For a relationship sans conflicts you have to be an active listener. Active listening does not mean nodding as your partner talks but paying uninterrupted attention to what he/she is talking about while also giving your candid opinion. This will help both of ou to understand each other’s thought process better. Also, learn how to deal with your partner’s criticism by respecting the difference in opinion instead of being defensive. 


Body Language— During a heated conversation if you become aggressive or defensive, do not show it in your gestures. You may have a different story to tell verbally, but your gestures may convey something else which may further provoke your partner.


If you thought there was nothing more than cuddling and sweet talks in a relationship, which only brought upon you a crumbling relationship, it is perhaps time to start over by developing these skills. Soon you will discover yourself and your partner to be in deeper levels of affection and unconditional love that you thought you would never even get close to.




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