5 Surprising Things Men look in a wife

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Nov 29, 2011

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5 Surprising things men look in a wifeThe new trend on twitter “#whoeverImarry”, has witnessed some of the most interesting responses from not only women but also men. We have picked up some of the most interesting and surprising things that men look forward to in their ‘to-be’ wife.

Whoever I marry... "...has to have all her teeth"

Quite known as it already is, good teeth attract men and women alike. If you have sets of beautiful teeth, you are going to be picked soon!

Whoever I marry "...will be my lover AND my best friend :) it won't be a perfect relationship, but at least it'll be REAL"

Although, we would expect a lovely wish as this one to be of a woman, here is an evidence to a sweet heart that hides discreetly in a man. Men and women of today hold marriage symbolic of not just a commitment but companionship and endless love.

Whoever I marry "...gotta be able to sit back watch ESPN, Good Times, Martin, Wayans Bros on a daily with me"

If watching sports is your pet-peeve, you may be rejected by a prospective date. Men, today, not only want their ladies to be independent but also show signs of interest in sports, sitcoms etc.

Whoever I marry "...has to have big boobies and wear makeup"

If you are the kind who likes to put make-up, you have a good prospect of finding a guy to get married to, but if the guy compliments big breasts with make-up, you might have to observe your candidacy a second time.

Whoever I marry "...better not try put the plate in the sink with food still in it .. like how could u be so dutty? Just scrape it out"

Practise hygiene! Yes, as long as you follow certain hygienic parameters, you will diversify your options of hooking up with someone. For some, being hygienic suggests that you acknowledge things as little as scraping food from the plate before putting it in the sink.


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