How can Skin Problems be Diagnosed

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 04, 2011

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Various skin problems such as allergies, fungal and bacterial infections can be diagnosed by conducting the following tests:


  • Patch Testing is used to identify various skin allergies; substances that may cause an allergy are applied to the skin, before being examined to decipher if there has been any reaction.
  • A Skin Biopsy is done to identify skin cancer or other, milder skin disorders. Before this test, local anesthesia is applied and a section of skin is removed, which is later examined in a laboratory.  The wound is closed off with stitches and allowed to heal naturally.
  • A Culture Test is used for the identification of bacteria, fungi or viruses that can cause infection; culture tests can be conducted on your skin, hair or nails to detect infection.


Knowing what tests can be done, you can perhaps ask your dermatologist questions in this regard. So be prepared to battle your skin woes.



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