How can one prevent Myositis?

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Jun 26, 2014
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  • Causes inflammation of the muscles.
  • Progressive inflammation weakens muscles.
  • No proper cure available.
  • Prevention and management very crucial.

Myositis is a condition where the immune system chronically inflames a healthy muscle tissue. It can affect both children and adults. Although the actual reason behind such behaviour of the immune system are unknown, however common observed cause include infection, injury, autoimmune conditions, and drug side effects. A persistent inflammation can weaken the muscles. Myositis can take several forms, usually develops slowly over time and can range in severity from mild to debilitating or worse.


What makes myositis even bigger as a problem, is the lack of cure for the condition. Although, there are treatments available, myositis requires prompt and aggressive treatment to reduce the inflammation in order to prevent muscle weakness from progressing. Early treatment can even help restore some of the strength however it is best to simply prevent the condition.


Since doctors and scientists don't know the actual causes of myositis there are still no official guidelines for preventing the condition. So far, out of all forms of myositis, only  infectious myositis and drug-induced myositis are known to be preventable. To prevent these conditions an individual is recommended to follow these guidelines

  •     Keep the skin clean
  •     Get flu shot every year
  •     Cook meat thoroughly
  •     Never take illegal drugs
  •     Take the prescription drugs properly
  •     Only take the minimum prescribed doses

It is also very important to get a routine blood test done to look for drug-induced muscle injury that may lead to myositis. Besides these precautionary measures, the early treatment and care can also be very effective.


Myositis needs early and aggressive treatment however it also depends a lot on the form of myositis. While there is no official cure for the condition, medications, physical therapy, exercise and proper rest are considered as best treatment methods for myositis.



Drugs such as Corticosteroids, that suppress the immune systemcan be very helpful in slowing down the weaking and damage on a healthy tissue and may also improve skin rash. The doctors usually repeat blood tests throughout the treatment for myositis to monitor the improvement. They may also recommend some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin for pain relief.



Once the medication starts, it works in relieving the symptoms of myositis, doctors recommend a simple yet effective exercise program. It usually includes stretching exercises to help maintain the range of motion in weakened arms and legs.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy may be very helpful in preventing permanent muscle shortening. However it is always best when handled by a professional. While the doctors may not find it necessary to recommend however whirlpool baths, heat and gentle massages may also provide some relief.


Getting enough rest is an important component of managing myositis. Take frequent breaks during the day and limit your activity to provide your body time to recover. A progressively tired muscle may take more damage during myositis.


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