How can I Treat Sunburn?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Apr 17, 2013

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How can I Treat Sunburn

Sunburn can be one of the most irritating skin complaints and how many times have we all suffered from it?  It’s so difficult to cover every exposed area, so here are some of the effective ways to treat it:


  • You can rub aloe vera lotion onto the affected area; it will soothe the pain and turn the sunburn into a tan and it will also reduce the subsequent peeling of dead skin.


  • A wet rag or a damp cloth can be applied to the area of sunburn; it will not only provide a relief to the pain but will also help in drawing out the heat.


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  • In order to soothe the pain and decrease the burning sensation, take an anti-inflammatory tablet; this will provide comfort and will also help to a faster recovery.


  • One of the major problems of sunburn is dehydration. So, be sure you consume plenty of water and other fluids to minimise the after-effects of over-exposure.


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