How Baby Name affects Personality

Effect of baby’s name on his/her personality is a debatable issue. Some believe that the meaning of a name has an impact on personality while the others totally detest this view.

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Baby NamesWritten by: Vasudha BhatPublished at: Mar 24, 2014
How Baby Name affects Personality

Effects of baby name on personality is visualised in different manner by different people. Some believe that baby’s name plays significant role in mental life of baby while the others totally discard the idea of any connection between name and personality.


Baby Names

Connection between Name and Personality

We all know that names are a medium of identifying the person but there is a psychological aspect to it as well. Your baby’s name affects his/her personality in a subtle manner. In 2,000 B.C people believed that name do affect the personality. But the scientific evidences of name’s effect on bearer’s self-concept and personality are relatively new.
According to some researchers there is an unusual connection between name and personality of the individual. Some studies have shown that people whose name starts or end with the similar letter share similar personality traits.

Positive Thinking

There is meaning of every word that we use; names are not an exception to it. Some people believe that meaning of name greatly determine the bearer’s personality. This concept is similar to that of ‘power of positive thinking’. When we call a person's name, we address him/her with its meaning as well. You can even choose name according to numerology. A numerological name that is compatible with name of both parents is believed to increase chances of harmony amongst them, especially in the growing years.


Baby Names

Environmental Factors

Those who believe that there is no relation between name and personality mostly give argument that a word can mean differently in different language. Two people with similar name often have totally different personality. It is true that personality is also affected by various environmental or inherited factors but there is no harm in choosing a meaningful name for your baby!

Although the name of your baby will have an impact on his life but what you must also keep in mind is that the environment in which your child has been brought up, his parents, and they way he has been nurtured will shape up his personality traits.

You must understand that raising a confident child with a positive-self image is very important because if they are comfortable with themselves they will automatically be happy with their name.

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