How to Avoid Back Pain

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Dec 12, 2012

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Are you having sleepless nights despite having tried and tested everything for back pain? Is this back strain taking a toll on your daily chores? Well, back pain is one of the most common complaints of adults. People with back pain  become so bothered at times that all  their daily activities are affected by it in some way or the other.


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If you are struggling with back pain, it is not late to get it resolved. There are so many things that you can do in your daily routine to protect your back or reduce back pain.

Bed and mattress: Bed or mattress may be the cause of aggravated back pain. Getting the right mattress can improve your struggle with back pain. A firmer mattress should be preferred if you are having back troubles. Next time you wake up sore; do check your mattress and bed.

Correct your sleeping position: Back pain won’t get better if you are sleeping on your stomach, rather it will get worse. Avoid sleeping with your face down, as it will extend your neck besides exerting strain on joints.


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Wake up and stretch your body – Do not jump out of the bed as soon as alarm rings. Wake up and give a minute to stretch your body before starting on with your routine.

Don’t sit for too long – Sitting for long duration or staying in a particular position for too long exerts stress on the postural muscles. When you are sitting, make sure that you are having supported position with a neutral spine, neither slumped forward nor pushed back. It is advisable to change positions frequently. Get up for a few minutes to stretch and walk around, every hour.

Cross your legs – If you have a sedentary lifestyle which makes you sit for long duration, try crossing your legs at regular interval as it helps move the spine and hip muscles and is also recommended by the health experts.


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Adjust your computer correctly for better posture – Position your computer in a way that allows you to be seated at eye level to your screen. You shouldn’t have screen in a position that makes you look too far down or too far up.

Say no to heavy lifting if you have back problems – Lifting heavy objects should be avoided as it puts stress on the spine. Alternatively, when you have to lift a heavy object, bend with your knees and bring the object close to the body so that leg muscles bear maximum pressure.

Practice good posture to keep your back healthy and strong. Maintaining a healthy back becomes much easier when you educate yourself on the ways to prevent it as prevention is always better than cure.


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