How age affects fertility of Women

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Apr 26, 2011

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How age affects fertility of Women

There is a direct link between fertility and age, the risk of infertility rises as one ages and it is backed with various studies done on this topic. Nowadays, women are postponing motherhood due to various factors such as individual careers, financial stability and emotional preparedness. Women are having babies in their mid-thirties as by that time they have stabilized in their career growth, have stable relationships and have also enjoyed their marital bliss. Although, the above situation may seem right but when it comes to fertility at thirties and beyond, it’s a different story.

Reasons for rise of infertility

Infertility which is related with ageing is rising in present society due to factors such as

  • Easily available contraception and awareness of various methods especially suiting women.
  • More career oriented women.
  • Delayed age of marriage.
  • Higher rate of failed relationships or divorces.
  • Delaying starting a family due to need of financial security.
  • Decision by couples to enjoy life “as two” rather than start a family and later feeling the need.



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