7 simple ways to a better morning

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Dec 14, 2017

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  • Here are 7 simple ways to a better morning
  • Never compromise on a good night’s sleep
  • A good morning starts the previous night by getting a good night’s sleep

If you’d asked me a few years ago if I was a morning person, my answer would have been a resounding NO. Couple of years down and I’m a true I-love-mornings convert because I realised how awesome morning can be. Mornings are the time in my day which are stress free, noise free and basically my own before the craziness of the day begins.

But it’s not always been like that. And there are a few things that I started doing unconsciously to change things up. And I don’t think I can ever go back to doing things any other way. In fact, I don’t want to, because the kind of conscious peace that I experience in the mornings is incomparable to any other time of the day. 

There’s a reason that an extra hour for yourself can make such a big difference to the day. A better morning can truly help you have a better day by helping you take a breath, find a few moments yourself and plan your day.

If you are looking forward to better mornings, I hope this helps you find a way. Here are 7 simple ways to a better morning.

Sleep Better: A good morning starts the previous night by getting a good night’s sleep. And nothing can replace that. Never compromise on a good night’s sleep, no matter how bad your day was. Clean sheets, a good book, ditching screen time and even a warm glass of milk can be ways to make sure you sleep better. Good sleep will make sure you wake up to a better morning – happier, calmer and well rested.

Stop snoozing: While those ten extra minutes of sleep may feel like something you need, in reality snoozing your alarm can actually make you more groggy and irritable. Instead, set an alarm for when you actually have to wake up, instead of a few minutes earlier. This way you won’t be waiting for the snooze alarm to go off and will actually get the rest your body needs.

Ditch the tech: Who hasn’t reached for their phone even before they are fully awake? That is really the worst thing you can do for your day. Instead of opening your eyes to Instagram, Snapchat or even worse – emails, take a minute to open your eyes, bask in the sunlight streaming in and take a deep breath. I’ve realised that I often forget about the emails I’ve read in bed and the mental note that I thought I made to respond to them later, actually disappeared leading to unproductiveness. 

Stretch it out: I’m not referring to a hard-core exercise routine, because exercise first thing in the morning may not be everyone’s thing. But your body has been rest all night, and it’s important to stretch it out before you start the day to help your muscles and body time to adjust. Just some simple arm stretches and a quick full body stretch can seriously help your body feel awake.

Eat healthy: The biggest challenge that most people face in the mornings is to make sure they tuck into a good breakfast. So, if you are always rushing out, opt for breakfasts that are easy but healthy. This can really be the fuel you need for a better morning. Oats, fresh fruits, sandwiches can all be great fast breakfasts that can also provide the fibre and nutrition that your body needs after a night’s sleep.  I always have a pack of Horlicks Oats around that I can quickly turn into porridge or a smoothie. Topped with nuts, seeds, fruit and even savoury oats can make for a delicious, healthy breakfast

Indulge in a hot shower: This is my favourite part of my morning routine. I love indulging in a nice, hot shower which wakes me up and makes me feel like I’m ready for the day. I take an extra five minutes on days when I feel like I need extra care, and the warm water, makes me feel luxurious.

Make a to do list: If there’s one thing that can make you more productive is a to do list. After my shower and breakfast, I can sometimes feel like I have too much to do in the day, but just the simple act of sitting down and making a list of what I actually want to achieve during the day really helps me gain perspective and create an action plan.

I hope these 7 simple tips to a better morning help you as much as they do in having a better day. I really like to keep things simple and now do all of these things unconsciously because they are such a part of my routine. Happy mornings = happy you.

Blogger: Richa Gupta 

Disclaimer - The Author Richa Gupta is a known food blogger at https://myfoodstory.com and contributor with Onlymyhealth. The views expressed are her own and may not necessarily reflect the views of OMH

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