Ever Thought Honey Could Be A Reason For Weight Gain? Read To Know More

The high carbohydrate content present in honey can lead to weight gain. Caution before consumption is needed.

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Weight ManagementWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Sep 15, 2017Updated at: Mar 27, 2020
Ever Thought Honey Could Be A Reason For Weight Gain? Read To Know More

Honey is a healthy alternative for regular sugar. This is due to numerous health benefits because of its antioxidant content. Honey is a sweet, syrup-like substance that is collected from the nectar of flowering plants. The bees collect the nectar and consume, digest and regurgitate it inside the beehive to produce honey. A teaspoon of honey has 64 calories and 17 grams of carbs with little to no fat, fibre and protein. It also contains micronutrients like potassium, iron, and zinc. Honey is used for gaining weight, but before that, you need to understand the way energy is used up in your body. The energy is stored in the body in the form of fats and sugar. Sugar is essential for short and intense energy requirements, such as those required for lifting weight.


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That is the reason why exercise can help you gain weight as it uses the sugar stored up in your muscles, which you can replenish to a larger capacity. Honey can also be used to gain your body with sugar that forces it to store it up as fat. The 17 grams of carbohydrates in one tablespoon of honey is equivalent to the performance enhancement gels used by athletes during a marathon which comes at a fraction of the cost.

Honey includes simple sugar rather than complex carbohydrates that break down slowly in the body. More energy is bound to be stored up as fat rather than getting burned in the muscle tissues due to honey's nature to break down immediately in the body. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’s study, it is essential to have a high level of carbohydrates right after a workout. Honey maintains the carbohydrate levels in the body. The high concentration of carbs in honey helps in keeping the stores of carbohydrates in your body after a workout session.


Recently research on honey has shown that it is a great ergogenic aid. The benefits of honey include:

Recovery of muscle

This helps in building mass and fat tissue to provide tour body energy. Due to more calories, they help in gaining weight. According to a journal published in 2018 suggested that carbohydrates with protein after a workout can expedite muscle recovery.

Improves heart health

Going for high-quality honey instead of regular sugar can help improve the heart health. Besides, animal studies have found that having honey may reduce systolic blood pressure too.

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For better results, opt for a high-quality brand of raw honey. The low-quality brands are often mixed with syrup to cut costs and maximize profit. Raw honey is not filtered or processed, and that is why they are natural and good for promoting health. Look for the extra ingredients added in your raw honey that could diminish possible benefits. However, honey has been linked to various health benefits like maintaining blood sugar level, recovery of muscles from their damage and restoration of glycogen, after the physical exertion of a workout. However, consuming too much can affect your body.  Enjoy honey with limited intake and choose a high-quality product for a well-rounded diet.

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