Remove your armpit hair with the help of some easy homemade tips

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Dec 20, 2012
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  • Armpit hair is not desirable, you must get rid of them.
  • You could use a razor and remove them but with care.
  • You could use a hair removing cream which is safer.
  • You could use talcum powder on your armpit as it is considered best.

If you think keeping armpit hair is cool then you are wrong. It is not something that is much liked or appreciated. Get rid of them. No, never in the history of beauty and personal care have hair in the armpit been defined sexy. It is not. If you are sweating instead of perspiring and stinking instead of smelling, then you should consider removing your armpit hair as soon as you possibly can. We are here with some homemade tips that will help you to do so.


get rid of underarm hair


Razor shave

Check your armpits and try to figure out if there are any out growths that may hurt when you shave.Use a shaving cream and rub it all over your underarms. Make sure that the  skin is completely covered with it. Hold your skin tight so as to reduce risk of shaving rash. Take the razor and shave up from the lowest point of the armpit and then slowly move upwards. Rinse your armpit with lukewarm water. This is necessary to avoid stickiness when you dry them. Check if you there is any hair left to be shaved off. Rub powder on the freshly shaved skin to finish the process.

Hair removal cream

Buy a hair removal cream, preferably one that is known as chemical depilatory as it can work really well in removing each strand of hair from the armpit. Apply the cream on the underarms and follow the instructions as given on the label. Following the instructions is important because every cream has its own way of application.


Wax strips

Buy wax strips. You will find them at any medical or departmental store.These these wax strips in your hands to make them warm. Now, put the strips on your underarms, and wax with care. Then take off the wax with a perfect wipe and wash with lukewarm water.


cleaning underarm hair


Talcum powder shave

Make sure your armpit is dry and then spread talcum powder gently all over. Shave the underarm carefully until all the powder gets visibly removed from the armpit. Once done, wash the area with warm water. You must not apply deodorant or antiperspirant in your underarms for the next 24 hours.

Removing the armpit hair is easy; given you have the patience and enough understanding of what you are doing.

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