7 Effective Home Remedies For Softening Stool In Babies

Many infants suffer from constipation these days. Here are some effective home remedies to soften stool in babies. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: May 19, 2022Updated at: May 19, 2022
7 Effective Home Remedies For Softening Stool In Babies

Constipation or tight stool is a common problem is infants. And, seeing your own baby in pain and discomfort can be extremely difficult. Moreover, many experts don't suggest medicines immediately to treat this problem in babies. The causes of such issues include change in food habits, formula milk, etc. There are certain natural ways to help in softening the hard stool in babies. Keep reading to know about effective home remedies to soften stool in babies. 

Home remedies to soften baby stool 

If you see your baby getting fussy or facing discomfort while having a bowel movement, you can give some basic at home treatments a try. However, it is suggested to talk to your pediatrician before giving anything to the baby. Here are 7 effective natural remedies to soften stool in babies

1. Papaya


Papaya contains a good amount of fiber, which can help in treating constipation and softening the stool in babies. However, do not give this to an infant who is under 6 months. Parents can give papaya pulp, chunks or delicious smoothies to their baby for regular and smooth bowel movements.

2. Plenty of fluids

One of the most common causes of tight or hard stool is deficiency of fluids in the body, in both babie and adults. Drinking enough amount of fluids can help in softening the stool and relieving constipation as well. For babies, the the best liquids for this home remedy are soups, fruit juices, milk and water. Babies don't require water as they rely on breast milk for hydration, but if he/she is struggling with such as problem, it is best to give other fluids. 

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3. Pears 

Just like papaya, pear is another fruit which is rich in pectin and dietary fibre, which helps in smooth passing of stool in babies. This will lead to better bowel movements, but make sure to give it to an infant only after 4 months of age. You can either grate the fruit or extract its juice and dilute it to feed your baby. 

4. Apple juice 

The main cause of hard stool in both babies and adults is absence of fibre, and what's better than apple to treat it? Apple contains pectin, which is water-soluble fibre that proves to be very beneficial in treating this problem. Just grind the apple to extract apple juice for your baby. You can give it to the infant in his feeding bottle or sipper. One bottle of apple juice in a day can help the baby pass stool easily and smoothly. 

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5. Massage

Massaging is another natural way to cure hard stool in babies. If you massage your baby’s abdomen gently, it can ease constipation. To follow this home remedy, you just need to softly tap your fingertips or massage in circular motion on the baby’s abdomen. This eases bowel movements and helps the stool pass from your baby’s anus quickly and easily. You can use baby oil to massage the baby.

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6. Prune juice 

Prune juice is another effective home remedy for softening the stool in babies.  They act as natural laxatives, therefore, helping in relieving bowel movements in infants. It might take four to five hours for the prune juice to show results in your stool. 

7. Tomatoes 

Tomatoes are also good for treating the symptoms of constipation in babies who are atleast over 6 months of age. Parents can give tomato juice to their infant for smooth passing of stool. Boil one small tomato in a cup of water and then let it cool. Strain the pulp using a strainer. Feed atleast three to four spoons of this extract to the baby everyday to prevent such problems.