Home Remedies to Remove Colour from Skin

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Mar 05, 2012

Home Remedies to Remove Colour from Skin

You do not want to end up with skin irritation on the evening of Holi when the second half of the delightful day is about to start. The chemical colours mostly used in the festival are bound to make your skin dry. Especially if you do not take enough precautions or follow the tips for removing the colours after Holi festivities are over.

In order to stay away from risks to your skin such as allergies and rashes, you should follow the tips given below:

  • Moisturise your skin. Your lips should be smeared with as much lip balm as possible and all exposed body parts should be protected with the shield of body lotion. This helps to sort of slip off the Holi colours from your skin.
  • If some harsh colours are applied on your face, make sure that it is removed immediately with a wash. If you do not want to get annoyed with a stained face many days after Holi is over, this must be done.
  • When removing colours after playing Holi, use cold water to scrub it off.
  • By taking too many baths and washing the face too many times throughout the day, you would help in making your skin dry.
  • Apply coconut oil on your skin before taking your bath for removing colours. This would further help you to remove colours from the skin.
  • If any part of your skin has a stubborn stain, rub it with a few lemon wedges. The stain would be lightened. Scrub your body with some soaked amchur powder to get rid of the colour.  
  • Facials or facial bleaches cannot be taken right away. Wait for at least a week after Holi for this.
  • For dry skin, you can prepare a face pack with one tablespoon almond powder, one tablespoon honey, two drops of lemon juice and a bit of milk. Make a paste of these ingredients and apply it on your face. When taking off this face pack, wet your hands with a little water scrub it off. This would keep your skin soft and clean.
  • For oily skin, make a face pack with one tablespoon Masoor Dal, dried orange peel, one tablespoon rose water and 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice. Apply a paste of this mixture and let it be till dry. After it is dry, wet your hands a little and scrub off the pack from your face. This will help to remove the colour and control your skin’s oiliness.


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