Effective home remedies for treating gout

Each patient’s medical condition differs from another in case of gout. Read about best and effective natural home remedies for its treatment.

Pratima Sharma
Written by: Pratima SharmaUpdated at: Aug 04, 2015 16:52 IST
Effective home remedies for treating gout

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Gout is the condition of acute inflammatory arthritis and the patient suffering  it also suffers from red, swollen and tender joints. The condition mostly affects the metatarsal-phalangeal joint of the big toe and the pain may occur mostly at night. The pain starts as the body temperature lowers, and it can cause fatigue and high fever.



Gout raises the risks of kidney stones, tophi and urate nephropathy in patients. It happens when the level of uric acid increases in the blood and the uric acid crystallizes to get deposited on the tissues, tendons and joints to cause pain. The causes for gout can be diet, renal, under-excretion of urine, the presence of uric acid salts and genetics. Since manufactured drugs raises the risk of auto immune disorders, home remedies for gout are advised.

In research published by Reuters, it was observed that men above the age of 40 are at a higher risk of developing gout. A higher intake of alcohol, sea food, meat and fructose sweetened drinks can also cause gout. A report published by Dr. Hyon Choi of University of British Columbia in Vancouver suggested an increased intake of vitamin C, as it reduces the symptoms of gout. The best home remedies for gout are:


cherry juice


Cherry juice

Increasing intake of vitamin C reduces the risk of gout and the patient suffering from gout should take fifteen to twenty cherries a day to reduce the pain.


French beans:

You can take 150 ml of French Bean juice each day to get rid of gout.


Apple juice

Apple juice or simply eating an apple after each meal helps in reducing the chances of suffering from the condition.


citrus fruits


Citrus fruits and vegetables:

The patients suffering from gout should increase their intake of citrus fruits; tomatoes, berries and green pepper are good sources. They contain favourable amounts of vitamin C which help in reducing the pain inflicted by gout.


Lime Juice

Taking Lime Juice two or three times per day will absorb the excess uric acid produced in the body. Uric acid is the main cause of  the condition


Mustard powder

Mix mustard powder and whole wheat powder in equal proportions. Make a paste using water and apply it overnight on the painful regions.


apple cidar vinegar


Apple cider vinegar

Consume a concoction made  from equal parts of apple cider vinegar and honey, for prompt relief..

Home remedies for gout  can be quite effective but each patient’s medical condition differs from another so you should test out various remedies to try to find out  which is the best one for you.

As well as this, make lifestyle changes and engage in some form of physical exercise to increase the strength of your body tissue and muscles.


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