Best home remedies for asthma

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Dec 13, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Practising yoga asanas helps increasing up the blood circulation.
  • Streamlining blood circulation helps relieve asthma symptoms.
  • A vegan diet reduces asthma flare-ups drastically.
  • Breathing steam  helps open breathing airways and to loosen up the phlegm.

Asthma can be a debilitating condition, but there are various asthma treatments available to prevent its elevation. Home remedies for asthma are an effective way to prevent attacks and decreasing the chances of having more asthma attacks.



Listed below are some of the remedies that will help you relieve and treat asthma at home.

Alternative therapies

Traditional science incorporating the body and  mind is one of the effective methods for relieving and curing asthma.

Practising yoga asanas, such as pranamasana, padahastasana, ashwa sanchalanasana, parvatasana, bhujangasana, marjariasana and hasta uttanasana, helps increasing up the blood circulation and makes the spine flexible. Toning of the spinal nerves and streamlining blood circulation helps relieve asthma symptoms. Acupuncture, wherein one uses fine needles to stimulate and balance the body, relaxes muscles and helps in breathing easily.


Breathing exercise


Breathing exercises

Deep breathing exercises such as buteyko technique and diaphragmatic breathing guards against hyperventilation. Besides relieving asthma symptoms, breathing exercise helps in body strengthening.


Vegan diet for asthma relief:

A study conducted at Shou University in Taiwan suggested that a vegan diet reduces asthma flare-ups drastically. Green leafy vegetables and fruits are also high in anti-oxidants prevent narrowing of bronchial arteries besides healing the inflammation caused in the lungs due to allergic reactions.


Massaging mustard oil with camphor:

Combine mustard oil and camphor. Massage the mixture on your chest to loosen the phlegm in your respiratory system.




Honey with hot water/cinnamon:

 Mix 1 tablespoon of honey in hot water and drink it slowly, to remove phlegm from the throat. Or, a mixture of 1tablespoon of honey with half tablespoon cinnamon powder before sleeping helps relieve asthma symptoms.


Figs for draining phlegm:

 Wash a few dry figs  and mix them in 1 cup of water. Eat these on an empty stomach the next day. Don’t eat for an hour at least. This should be done at least for a month.




Fennugreek, ginger and honey:

Soak 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds overnight. Add one tablespoon of ginger extract and honey to it. Have it every morning and evening for at least a month to see a positive change in your breathing.


Inhale steam:

Breathing steam  helps open breathing airways and to loosen up the phlegm.

Besides managing asthma with alternative therapies, diet and remedies, an asthmatic must identify the  triggers of asthma. Figuring out the triggers early will help the patient to fend off the risk of asthma attacks.


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