Consuming High Fat Diet Might Trigger Chronic Pain Over time, Finds Study

A study has found that eating a high-fat diet can put you at risk of increased inflammation and chronic pain.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Nov 19, 2022 12:25 IST
Consuming High Fat Diet Might Trigger Chronic Pain Over time, Finds Study

We are asked to limit our fat intake as it puts us at risk of obesity, cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases. However, a study has found that a high-fat diet is also a potential trigger for chronic pain. It can make the body sensitive towards painless stimuli causing chronic pain. Since diet influences the body and impacts health, it can influence inflammatory responses too.

The University of Texas at Dallas conducted research on mice to find how a high-fat diet can create a painful response to non-painful stimuli. This is found to be very similar to what diabetics and obese people suffer from.

There is some fat required in our diet for proper body functioning. However, when fat consumption increases, it can have an adverse reaction on the body. Lipids ensure many necessary functions but their high levels can increase risk of heart diseases. One of the researchers noted that high-fat diets can trigger inflammatory responses in the body along with depositing fats. This also increases formation of plaque around the arteries. Experts also emphasise the link between diet, inflammation and chronic pain.

How high-fat diet causes chronic pain

Previous studies have shown that high-fat diets can cause pain sensitivity but the aim of this study was to find if non-painful stimuli can also induce the pain. Besides, diabetes and obesity patients are at a greater risk as compared to others.

High Fat Diet Trigger Chronic Pain

The research team gave a high-fat diet to a group of mice and one group was fed a standard diet. The first group who consumed high-fat food did not develop hyperglycemia or obesity but developed a higher mechanical allodynia response which triggers pain in response to painful stimuli. This study shows that chronic pain does not depend on diabetes or obesity or any injury. Consumption of a high-fat diet for a prolonged period can put you at risk of chronic pain.

The only setback is that this study was conducted on mice and no human trials have been done so far. So, experts are not jumping to any conclusion as of now. Further research is required to see if humans also respond in the similar manner. 

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