A High Dose of Vitamin C can boost Chemotherapy

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Feb 11, 2014

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A recent research has come to conclude that a high dosage of vitamin C helps to boost cancer-killing effects of chemotherapy in mice. The US scientists who did the test said that a vitamin C injection could be effective and a low-cost treatment for ovarian and other types of cancers. Vitamin C has been or a long time used as an alternative treatment for cancer.

Vitamin C injectionsA chemist named Linus Pauling had in the year 1970 had said that giving vitamin C intravenously is effective in treating cancer. However, clinical trials of vitamin C being given through the mouth or orally failed to bring out the same effect; the reason is that the human body quickly excretes all the vitamin C when it is taken by mouth.

Scientists from the University of Kansas say that when vitamin C is taken intravenously, it gets absorbed into the body and can thereby help in killing cancer cells without bringing harm to the healthy, normal cells.

To do the study, the researchers injected vitamin C into human ovarian cancer cells in the lab, in mice and also patients with advanced ovarian cancer. It was found that ovarian cancer cells are sensitive to vitamin C treatment and normal cells remain unharmed.


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Article source: BBC News

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