Here Are The Possible Reasons Behind Kidney Seizure

Kidney functioning is an essential process for the human body. Irregularity in the functioning of kidney can lead to several health issues, and even death in extreme cases

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Jul 27, 2019 00:00 IST
Here Are The Possible Reasons Behind Kidney Seizure

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We all are aware of the importance of a kidney for proper regulation of body organs. For your reference, our kidneys help in filtering the waste from the body. Also, they help in regulation of the blood pressure and production of red blood cells in our body. However, many a times you may have come across cases of kidney failure but are still unaware of its reasons and causes. Let’s read to understand how kidney failure happens. 

Symptoms of Improper Functioning of Kidney

Firstly to understand kidney failure, let’s understand the problems associated with improper functioning of kidneys. Following are some the major symptoms that point towards improper functioning of kidney, in dire need of treatment. Ignoring kidney health for longer durations can even be a reason of deaths in several cases: 

  • Breathlessness 
  • A constant sense of confusion and difficulty in making decisions faster
  • Lethargy and feeling of fatigue
  • Weakness and difficulty in carrying out day-to-day tasks

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All these are the signs of the body when there is a build-up of waste in the body system. This happens due to improper functioning of the kidneys. When the kidney starts losing its ability to filter, body fluids increase to a level in the body that it might be dangerous for life. It is essential to know what causes kidney failure and seizure in people.  

Why does it happen?

There are several reasons that can lead to a kidney failure in no time. It may take just a few hours or maybe a few months. Gradual build-up in the body can show several signs and symptoms in the body. 

  • Sudden and extremely severe dehydration leading to breathlessness
  • Injury in kidney due to poisoning or overdose of medicines
  • Obstruction in the urinary tract leading to difficulty in passing urine
  • Auto-immune kidney problems like acute nephritic syndrome

Safeguard your Kidneys 

Problems like reduced flow of blood can lead to severe damage to the kidney. Keep a check on these following conditions that can lead to reduced flow of blood:

  • Low BP
  • Prolonged illness in any part or organ in the body
  • A history of any surgery in the recent past or post-op repercussions
  • Hemorrhage 
  • High-degree burns or trauma due to several incidences 
  • Other disease in the body also increase the chances of kidney seizure in several patients. The chances of a kidney failure are more if you are suffering from the following health issues:
  • Liver and kidney disease
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Failure of heart
  • Obesity 
  • High BP

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Symptoms of Kidney Failure

To end, we list down a few symptoms that denote failure of kidney and the patient, in no time, should be rushed to the hospital for medical assistance:

  • Prolonged bleeding, external as well as internal, in case of any accident or injury
  • Consistent nausea for a prolonged period
  • Bruises or blue marks all over the body
  • Blood stools
  • Sensation decrease in hands and feet
  • Excess of fluid retention in the body
  • Sudden decrease in appetite
  • Metallic taste in your mouth

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