Here Are Some Truths Of Diabetes Reversal

Here We Are Disclosing Some Truths Of Diabetes Reversal. With healthy eating habits, one can reverse this hazardous disease.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Dec 10, 2019Updated at: Dec 10, 2019
Here Are Some Truths Of Diabetes Reversal

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that prevents your body from properly using the energy from the food you eat. Around 10 years ago nobody knew about the reversal of diabetes itself. But now through studies, we have come to know 7 truths of reversal and these are experiential truths. Before going towards the truths of diabetes reversal let us first understand what it means by reversal?

Does reversal mean?

  • Going in the opposite direction
  • Means sugars going down
  • Insulin/medicine reducing or stopping
  • Weight (fat) loss, muscle gain
  • Looking younger
  • Becoming fitter by >10-20 years

Interestingly, reversal means not just stoppage of medicines but the reversal of total system and for the reversal to happen you have to do the following -


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  • Stop making mistakes
  • Stop tea...marie biscuits in short milk and milk products
  • Start the right things
  • Start smoothie

We have come to know that there are 4 truths of reversal


The first truth of reversal is to work on the root cause

The root cause for diabetics is insulin resistance and 7 reasons cause insulin resistance which is divided as:

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  • Four diet-related causes
  • Two exercise-related causes
  • One stress-related cause

The second truth we have found is that reversal is a process

Reversal cannot happen overnight it is a process and it takes time. For some it may take 6 months it may take 1year. The phases are named as follows -

  • Phase 1 - Adjustment
  • Phase 2 - Acceleration
  • Phase 3 - Inner transformation
  • Phase 4 - Becoming independent

The third truth is that the Biggest enemy of reversal is one's inertia 

  • Created by one's habits.
  • One's comfort zone
  • One's limited thoughts
  • One's inability to act
  • Chal Raha hai attitude...etc

Every individual has his/her orbit. The way he exercises, the way he gets along with people. He looks for people of his kind. It is very difficult to break this orbit and it is the most difficult challenge in reversal. When all the mentors, doctors are working together orbit shifting happens.

(With inputs from Dr Pramod Tripathi, an MBBS Graduate Of BJ Medical College, Pune. He is the founder of Freedom From Diabetes)

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