Herbal Remedies for Prostate Cancer

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Aug 18, 2012

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Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men over 50 in United States. It is also overall the second most prevalent cancer in men in the country. As the side effect of conventional prostate cancer treatment has serious adverse impact on the patient’s health, the herbal remedies for prostate cancer are sought after nowadays. The natural remedies of prostate cancer work to cure the disease by restoring biochemical balance of the body.


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Herbal treatment for prostate cancer


  • Green Tea – Various substances found in green tea lessen the risk of prostate cancer along with heart disease. According to the research carried out by the University of Michigan Health System, only 3.3 per cent of men with high risk of prostate cancer who took green tea went on to develop it compared to 30 percent men with the same risk level but who did not take the herbal remedy. University of Maryland recommends taking 250 to 500 mg of green tea extract daily for treating prostate cancer.
  • Watermelon seeds – These are used to help with the bladder problems as well as prostate problems. This is prevalent among the Amish people. After enjoying a slice of watermelon, take its seeds in a cup and fill it till it is one-eighth full. After this, place them in a jar full of one pint of boiling water. After this concoction cools, strain and drink it. Have one pint of this drink daily for ten days.
  • Saw palmetto – The berries of this plant has been found to be very effective in improving urinary flow rates, better than even prescription drugs. It also works to reduce the symptoms of weak flow and urinary hesitancy. The benefit in using this herb is that it alters the hormone levels favourably for treating prostate cancer. Such a change in hormone levels reduces prostate enlargement. The patient must know the recommended dosage for prostate cancer treatment and only then buy them from a health food store. Your physician should be consulted before beginning treatment with this herb.
  • Milk thistle – Lab tests have proven that milk thistle can prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells. The tests were undertaken in University of Maryland Medical Center. The active compound found in milk thistle called silymarin can help to prevent the recurrence of prostate cancer post surgery. If used with antioxidants such as isflavones, lycopene and soy, milk thistle can be really helpful in preventing prostate cancer.

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The natural cures for prostate cancer should be tried if you are looking to avoid the serious side effects of the conventional treatment methods of prostate cancer. Some other natural herbs for prostate cancer treatment include shiitake, stinging nettle, corn silk and tomatoes..



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