Healthy Diet and Regular Workout can Reduce Pregnancy Issues

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Oct 16, 2014

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Pregnancy WorkoutFindings of a recent study have suggested that eating healthy and regular workouts can help in having a smoother pregnancy and easier birth. The findings that were published in the journal BMC Medicine show that the health benefits have a direct association with a reduced risk in future problems during pregnancy.

The lead author of the study Professor Jodie Dodd form the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute and Women’s and Children’s Hospital said in a news release "while it might have been expected that healthier eating and increased physical activity during pregnancy would be associated with differences in weight gain, our findings highlight that weight gain in pregnancy is not an ideal measure of pregnancy health. "Importantly, however, these changes in diet and physical activity were directly associated with significant improvements in outcomes for babies."

A significant reduction in the number of babies born over 8 pounds to mothers who followed a healthy regime during pregnancy was found by the researchers.
These new findings further ascertained the fact that diet and physical activity can also reduce the risk of health issues which in turn can reduce the risks during labour or other health issues, like the risk of moderate to severe respiratory distress syndrome.

Co-author of the study Dr Rosalie Grivell from the University’s Robinson Research Institute said "approximately 50% of women are overweight or obese during pregnancy. Until this study was conducted, there had been little evidence about the overall benefits of dietary and lifestyle interventions on this group of women".

"Our hope is that by following some simple, practical and achievable lifestyle advice, pregnant women can improve their health and the outcomes for their babies," she concluded. "We would, of course, recommend that these lifestyle changes be adopted as much as possible before women become pregnant."

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