Health tips for computer users

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Aug 11, 2010

Health tips for computer usersComputers are necessary evils. We are as much slaves to them as they are to us. Since we need to use them, we cannot escape the ill-effects of prolonged usage. Apart from strain in the eyes many of us experience dizziness and headaches, backaches, shoulder ache and pain in the neck.


Given the scenario, how do we rationalize and make it a win-win situation? Here are a few precautions and preventive measures to deal with the issue. These tips don't cost you anything except a few minutes. n Working on computers means spending long hours  in an air-conditioned rfoom. This leads to dehydration. So drink at least eight glasses of water. Coffee, tea and soft drinks are no substitutes for water. On the contrary, they add to dehydration and put  strain on kidneys, because they have to work that much harder to flush out caffeine from the system.


  • Don't sit pretty before the monitor. Every 30 to 40 minutes take a walk around so that  back and eyes get some respite and legs some circulation.


  • Try to look at natural greenery outside the window or at something blue. Green and blue are soothing colours and cool the eyes.


  • Blink as often as you can.


  • Make a cup of your palms and cover your eyes. This small effort will make your feel relaxed.


  • Splash eyes with cold water when you get up or when you feel strain in the eyes. With this simple action, you avoid irritation, redness and allergies.


  • If you are using glasses, wash them at least once a day, as many times they are blotched and cloudy with little particles of dust stuck on them which interferes with vision.


  • Shoulder and back relaxation techniques.


  • Lift your shoulders and keep them up for 10 seconds bring them down for 10 seconds.


  • Throw your head back for 10 seconds and bring it up for 10 seconds.


  • Bring your head sideways to the count of 5 and back straight to the count of five.


  • Rotate your shoulders five times clockwise and then five times anti-clockwise.


  • Do the same movement with wrists.


  • This encourages circulation in joints and removes stiffness and pain.


  • Periodically straighten your back for 10 seconds and and loose for 10 seconds.These little exercises are devised from yoga and T'ai Chi  and help energy flow to loosen joints.They do not cost you anything and can help save thousands in medications and surgeries.


Things to watch out for

  • Since computer professionals have to spend most of the time sitting on chair, it leads to digestive problems. Lighter food is recommended for them. Have more fruits and vegetables and less of fries and greasy food.


  • A routine of exercise must be cultivated. It can be something your lifestyle allows and you are able to do easily, be it walking, running, swimming, a game of tennis. These help increase concentration power and  lift your mood.


  • Otherwise, every morning stand in front of an open window and take 5 to 10 deep breaths. This gives ample oxygen for energy and rejuvenation.


Computer professionals spend more time sitting on chair, it leads to digestive problems. Lighter food like fruits and vegetables and less greasy food is recommended.

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