Health Insurance Overview

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Feb 04, 2013

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In Mediclaim, an individual has to pay a premium in return to which the insurer entrusts to pay a predetermined fixed amount of money in order to match the claims.
Asking for a health insurance is relatively new in Indian context; however it is gradually becoming a need with its perceived observers.

Consumers, understand the goal of a health insurance and its offerings in order to catch up with sky mounting medical expenses.


Types of Health Insurance


Health insurance is accessible for both- individual as well as groups.


Individual health insurance policy: Premium for individual policy is much expensive that that of the group policy. In individual health insurance policy, individual is himself or herself the owner of his personal policy.


Group health insurance policy: In a group health insurance policy, the guarantor or the sponsor is the owner of the policy and other registered members are enclosed in the policy. One can take the benefits of a group health insurance in order to do prevail over the dearth of his or her individual insurance.


People who have no health insurance covered for their name can take good benefits of the group plans.


However, make sure that before purchasing any kind of health insurance policy, your requirements are chalked out carefully. This will help you in choosing the right kind of health insurance policy, which not only suits your demands and is appropriate for you, but is also considerably cheap.


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