What Threatens your Health at your Workplace and Ways to Avoid Them

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Sep 17, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • Your workspace is a bundle of health hazards, and you must identify them.
  • The key board on which you type away could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Sitting down all day can make your back hurt and stiff your neck.
  • Eating all the fast foods can make you obese in addittion to long hours of sitting.

Your work space may not be an ideal place for you to increase your level of health fitness, there are health hazards posing as dangerous threats in your office. Identify these health hazards and know how you can avoid them.


avoiding office health hazards

Your office space requires all the technologies and equipments like computers, printers, desks and chairs and so on. These may make your life easier in a modern day work scenario; they could be a huge threat to your health if things do not go normally. You would be surprised to know that you had never thought of these to be potential health hazards, but they can be dangerous. Identifying them will help you to steer clear of them.

Germ Exchange

When you are sharing your office space with so many co-workers you are bound to exchange germs. According to a study that was conducted by microbiologists and scientists at San Diego State University and the University of Arizona it was found that there is a presence of 10 to 20 percent more bacteria in men’s offices than in women’s. But this doesn’t mean that women will not spread germs.

To avoid such an outcome you will need to wash your hands more frequently and clean your work area as often as you can. Clean your work areas with bleach solution so as to keep the bacteria in check.

Keyboard and Mouse

You may wonder as to what harm the very important keyboard and mouse can do to you, the two equipments that define your work at office. The simple answer is that they do can do more harm than you will know, after all hours of typing away on the keyboard and navigating with your mouse must be having some effect on your body. When you type you must adhere to good posture, which is sitting up straight or else you will be affected by what is known as carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries.

To avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and other such stress injuries you must exercise your hands by twisting your wrist and pressing your palms. Also you must sit using good posture such as feet flat on the ground, back straight, shoulders relaxed, and with your neck straightened. To avoid this you must also get a good chair that will help you to get a good posture.

Sitting down all Day

Now here is a daily affair that you will be following religiously when you are at your workplace. You will realise that sitting down for long hours has become part of your job or activity at work. There is a fairly good chance for you to get obese if you continue sitting for long hours. This could also contribute to back pain, stiffness of the neck and over all exhaustion. Yes, you can get exhausted just by sitting for long hours.

To avoid the affects of sitting down for long hours you should try doing simple exercises like turning your head from side to side, raising your shoulders up to your ears and holding them there for a few seconds, breathing in and tightening your stomach muscles, and so on. You could simply just take a walk and take breaks to get out of the monotony.

Office Junk Foods

Work means being busy and there is a heightened possibility that you will be eating fast foods or rather junk foods. This is a very common problem for most office goers, and if it isn’t for you then well, you are eating the right things. Stay away from the fried foods and greasy burgers, the fizzy drinks, the sugary juices and the endless cigarettes.

To avoid junk foods you should carry home cooked food for lunch and take fruits, biscuits, nuts and other such healthy foods for snacking. This is a good way for you to eat healthy foods and avoid unhealthy ones.

Office is a place to keep a calm mind and work, unless you do not take care of these unhealthy sidekicks that your workplace is filled with you will never have that peace of mind.

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