Head For A Workout With Banana As Your Pre-Workout Meal. Know It's Benefits

Working out can be harmful without eating. Know about major pre-workout food options. 

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Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jan 08, 2020Updated at: Jan 08, 2020
Head For A Workout With Banana As Your Pre-Workout Meal. Know It's Benefits

An engine cannot run without fuel. Similarly, our body demands a refueling process. It is very important to realise the significance of our pre-workout meal. In this era where fitness is now a business and everyone is turning to gyming, your refueling process should be nutrient centric. Knowing when to eat what becomes as significant as knowing about the appropriate workout exercises. 


Usually undergoing strenuous exercises, while working out leads to cramps and fatigued muscles. This could be quite a painful experience and may hamper your willingness, to follow a proper workout regime. The only preventive medication to this is having the appropriate meal before a workout. Your meal should focus on your body requirements and your workout operations. For example, strength training would indulge a carbohydrate-rich diet. '

Workout King, Banana. 


Carbohydrates are the basic requirement of the body. Banana being a rich carb source also has other essential nutrients like proteins and potassium. Potassium works as a nerve impulse agent to the body, making us more alert and active. Our body is a composition of protein hence banana contributing to hike the protein levels would strengthen one's body from within. 

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What could be the possible harm in the absence of a pre-workout meal?

1# Lack of efficiency

An empty gut will always encourage you to betray your workout routine. People often constraint their fitness goals to a temporary determination of strict diet and strenuous exercises. Not having a proper pre-workout meal will shatter your dreams of getting into the desired shape. Starving and giving yourself workout punishments won't prove to be fruitful in the long run. 

2# Increases muscle catabolism

Catabolism and anabolism is a simultaneous process in the human body. Due to the lack of nutrients and the acceleration in its consumption, it leads to increased catabolic activities. This could result in muscle internal bleeding and, permanent strain. Hence not taking a pre-workout meal could permanently your body. 

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3# Decreases anabolism

Anabolism is the regeneration part of metabolism. Compounds in our body break and gather, increase or decrease even in one could prove to be very harmful to cumulative wellbeing. As the absence of pre-workout food will increase catabolic activities in the body, reducing anabolism will make you weak, vulnerable to various physical health issues and you start stress eating very soon. 


Few other pre-workout food options. 

  • bananas with nuts
  • Pear/ Apple with dry fruits
  • Yogurt and berries
  • A small bowl of oats
  • Quinoa
  • Brown bread with peanut butter

One should also bring concern over the effects of taking a heavy meal before your workout. It can make you feel dizzy, lethargic and sluggish. You would probably vomit or feel highly uncomfortable. 

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