Experiencing Pain When You Pee? These Can Be The Reasons

Is peeing a horrific experience for you because of the harrowing pain you have to go through? This can be a symptom of several health problems in women

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Aug 30, 2019Updated at: Aug 30, 2019
Experiencing Pain When You Pee? These Can Be The Reasons

Medically termed as dysuria, painful pee or pain while urinating is a common problem faced by women and men alike. The reason for this can be many. In this condition, the bladder and the nearby organs are affected, causing excessive pain while urinating. At times, the damage is such that there can be blood in the urine stream. When we talk about painful urination, several health concerns like urinary tract infections, STDs, stones can be some of the reasons behind it. However, the main point here is not to ignore painful urination. If not treated on time, it can lead to other symptoms in the body as well. There can also be a disturbed menstrual cycle in women with extreme cases of a painful urination.

If you are experiencing such symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. Drink lots of fluids and take proper medication as per the problem you are facing. Below are some health problems, which lead to painful urination in men and women:

Urinary Tract Infection

One of the most common infections witnessed by women and men, UTI causes excessive pain during urination. This is because of the disturbed pH balance in the vagina. This health concern can happen due to several reasons, including dehydration and improper hygiene. Symptoms of UTI include foul smell in the urine, fever, pain in the abdomen. As a remedy, cranberry juice works magic for those suffering from UTI.  

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Stones In Kidney

Those in the habit of drinking less water often face issues of kidney stones, which is a significant reason behind painful urination. Stones increase in size with time. Small stones usually pass in the urine, without any significant pain or symptom. However, if big, these stones lead to excessive pain in the abdomen and pain while urinating. Other symptoms of kidney stones also include fever. The best way to steer away from the risk of kidney stones is to have lots of fluids

Medication Side Effects

Every medicine reacts differently. Some of them even have their side effects, one of them being painful urination. In cases of bladder cancer, the medication prescribed can lead to pain while urinating. Check with your doctor for a reason behind painful urination. In most cases, some medicines do not suit everybody leading to side effects like these.

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Cysts on Ovaries

This health concern most develops on either of the ovaries and sites on the side of the bladder. Ovarian cysts are a common health concern in women due to several hormonal changes. Those suffering from symptoms like vaginal bleeding, painful menstruation, tenderness in breasts, pain in the lower back should get themselves check for ovarian cysts. Painful urination is one of the significant symptoms of this health concern.

If the symptoms are more than just painful urination like blood or discharge, do not wait to consult a doctor. Immediately seek medical help as these can be a reason for several severe health concerns. In most of these cases mentioned above, one should drink lots of fluids and maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness to reduce the risk of these diseases.

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