5 Harmful Effects Of Having Excess Sugar In Your Diet

Having excess of sugar in your diet can lead to many health problems. Know the harmful effect of excess sugar on your health

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jul 13, 2021Updated at: Jul 13, 2021
5 Harmful Effects Of Having Excess Sugar In Your Diet

All of us like to have sweets of some kind or the other. But apart from sweets or deserts we also indulge in having sugar through various other methods which we do not realise. Most people tend to have sugar with their tea or beverages, then after meals and sometimes as a part of snacks. These sugars are a type of simple carbohydrates that can lead to many health conditions. The sugar we put in our meals or beverages are processed and hence do not have reasonable health benefits. Today we will discuss about the harmful effects of having additional sugar in your diet. 

Is Sugar Important for our Body?

Yes, sugar is important for our body but is only required in small amount. Our expert Ms. Shilpa Singh, Clinical Nutritionist from Fatima Hospital, Lucknow will explain how sugar can be harmful for your health. According to her we need only 25-30 grams of sugar in the whole day that is roughly 6 teaspoons. But most of sugar requirement of our body is fulfilled by natural sugar which you get from your food like fruits or dairy products. 


Hence all the sugar which you add to your diet in form of sugar additives, sugar crystals and sweets are extra carbohydrates that get stored in your body. This gradual accumulation of sugar in the body leads to many health diseases such as diabetes, high blood sugar, heart attack and many more. Let’s discuss major effects which sugar has on our health.

5 Harmful Effects of Sugar on Your Health

1. Lack of Nutritional Value

Sugar as such does not add any nutritional benefit to your diet. They just increase your calories and those extra calories are generally not consumed by a person which makes them a source for diseases. Sugar does not provide any significant energy to the body either because they are digested very quickly. Consuming these calories means that excessive calories mean cutting down calories from other food products that are a source of higher nutritional value. This can cause nutrient deficiency and lead to health complications.


2. Weight Gain

This is a very basic effect of having excessive sugar. If you consume sugar more than you need through various means, then you will definitely going to gain weight and become obese. In most of the cases the food products and drinks that are sweet in nature tend to have high calories. These calories cannot be consumed through daily exercise as well and causes weight gain. Also sugar is digested very quickly in your body, so your hunger strikes back more often. This will lead you to have more food, which means more calories and more weight gain as well. Weight gain gradually leads to many health disorders such as obesity that further results in numerous health hazards.

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3. Diabetes 

There is a long and deep link between consuming sugar and having type-2 diabetes. Although it is not correct that sugar causes diabetes directly. Rather diabetes is caused by any high-calorie diets that risk the person towards diabetes. However unfortunately, sugar still remains the most common cause of having diabetes due to excessive amount of calories present in it. Especially one should avoid sugary drinks as they develop higher risk of developing this disease.


4. Tooth Cavities 

Sugar consumption can also lead to tooth decay and cavities. Tooth cavities develop because after having sugar in any form, bacteria form a thin layer of plaque on the teeth. These bacteria react to sugar present on the food and release an acid that damages the teeth. This reaction causes tooth decay and cavities in the teeth. If the damage is less, then the body repairs it themselves but if it goes over a period of time then it costs damage to the tooth. Cavities cause permanent hole inside the teeth and you will need to visit a dentist to take it out otherwise resulting to damage of teeth and gums. Therefore limiting your sugar intake is a much better safe option.

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5. Heart Disease

High sugar diets also increase the risk of heart diseases. Added sugars are very harmful for our health and a study by AHA journal suggests that diet people who have added sugars in their diet are more likely to get heart disease and have severe complications. The research shows that people who have less sugar in their diet tend to survive longer and have fewer diseases. Sugar drinks especially cause major health problems related to heart and increase risk of heart attack by 17 percent. Sugary drinks provide insufficient energy to the body and do not control hunger which leads to health disorders more often. 

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