Good Diet for Health

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 04, 2013

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A good diet can be defined as a scientific eating pattern that promotes health and healing. Good diets/ balanced diets are diets that contain all the food groups in required quantities and are given to the body at the required time.

A good diet is something that is still “unknown”. There are various food guidelines to healthy eating, but good diet, or a diet that best suits your body’s individual needs varies.

Internal and external factors that affect your diet

Very often various internal and external factors deter a person from eating at home, or eating at a given time. Hence the most popular choice of food then becomes junk food (due to easy access) or “comfort food”.  This however, is not considered as a good diet by any health standards.

Diet which contains the beneficial nutrients from all food groups, a good proportion of fiber, protein, good fats and the right amount of carbohydrates is by far considered a healthy diet. Processed foods or packaged foods although have become very common are far from being healthy foods.

There can be nothing that replaces fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and other dairy products. The right balance of all the above mentioned varieties of food is considered as a healthy diet.



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