Good Chores for 9 year Olds

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Aug 01, 2011

Good choresIt is amazing what even the smallest children are capable of doing. And this applies to household chores as well. In this article, we shall try to figure out which chores are appropriate for children, starting from toddlers and progressing to older children with special reference to good chores for 9 year olds.

Initially, chores of toddlers have to be completed with a parent helping at each step of the way and encouraging the child to maintain the excitement of doing something important. This sets the tone of helping with chores at older ages and preparing them for good chores for 9 year olds.

Some of the chores 2-3 years olds can do are helping to make beds, pick up toys and books from the floor, help wipe messes and mop areas with help.

4-5 year olds or pre-school going kids find helping with chores exciting when elders take time to teach them how to accomplish simple tasks without constant supervision. It may be a good idea to prepare a chart showing the task and a reward alongside to motivate the child, as well as nurture its independence in choosing the reward it really desires. Some appropriate chores for children in this age group could be dusting, helping in preparing food and carrying and putting away groceries.

6-8 year olds who are going to school have a change in their mind-sets and are may have shed the excitement of completing chores. On the other hand there is an overwhelming desire to be independent, which can be channelized by parents and caregivers to take on their tasks responsibly by keeping track of asks completed and pending, which a parent can post on a chore chart and stick in an appropriate place.

Some of the responsibilities such children can take on are taking care of pets, vacuum and mop, take out trash, fold and put away laundry.

Preteen children in the age group of nine to twelve are at a stage to be able to handle more responsibility and taking on more demanding chores. We could list some of the good chores for nine year olds that such children should be able to accomplish, especially when they reach the age of 12, without much of parental help:

  • If the child can cycle, he/she could take on the responsibility of shopping for daily grocery items like bread, milk and vegetables and keep faithful accounts of the monetary transactions involved
  • Learn to operate washing machine and dishwasher
  • Change light bulbs
  • Prepare simple meals like omelettes and toast, salads, sufficient to handle his school tiffin
  • Wash the car
  • Wash windows
  • Clean the bathroom

The feeling of being grown up gives children a sense of importance. This could be utilised in making them contribute in accomplishing house hold chores. Commencing from the age  of 2and 3 , toddlers are excited in helping their mothers in simple tasks like making beds, and get a feeling of importance. This feeling should be nurtured by parents and caregivers so that by the time it reaches the age of 9, good chores for 9 year olds are a large complement so that parents can stop tearing their hair over unmade beds, clothes lying all over the house, books helter skelter and the house in a total mess.


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