Give love not stress to your child during exams

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Jul 30, 2010

child during examsExaminations are a tough time for children. Intense parental pressure and expectations compel the child to perform well at any cost, triggering stress symptoms in most children, be they under achievers or over achievers. This stress is manifested in symptoms like irritability, headaches, indigestion, depression and in extreme cases even suicides!


Although a certain amount of stress helps perform better, but we as parents should be aware how much of it is enough to motivate our child without causing undue anxiety or strain.


With examinations just round the corner, do you detect the above  symptoms in your child? Talking to doctors and psychologists one comes to the conclusion that some guidelines can be followed during exams to relieve anxiety and create a positive frame of mind which can help the child to focus better and keep on track. Dr Charu Aggarwal suggests using regular breaks after an interval of one hour of studying to help relax the mind and make learning more efficient.


Add to this a healthy diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables would boost the child's health. Avoid too much of tea or coffee as they only give a short-lived high.


Exam times does not mean sitting for long hours on the desk, feeling cramped and dull! Exercising- be it a short walk or a quick game can clear the mind and help one concentrate better!


Proper sleep according to Dr Pawan Jain can rejuvenate the mind the same way as relaxing in a warm bath or listening to some soothing music can.


Yoga guru Rathi feels that one starts hyperventilating, taking shallow breaths, when under stress. She recommends taking deep breaths to loosen up and fill the mind with pure oxygen to help think better. Meditation, yoga, deep breathing- are all relaxation techniques which Rathi feels can improve your concentration and consequently perk up performance. It is never too early to initiate your child in these healthy yogic practices.As parents we should learn to  encourage the children. Rather than constant nagging, a word of praise and encouragement can go a long way in boosting the morale of the child.


Just get involved with your children. Never let the  line of communication break by being too harsh! Understand their point of view, talk to them and be with them whenever required. Instead of telling them to go and study while you watch your favourite TV programme, sit with them when they study. It could be a perfect time to catch up on your reading and the child would also not feel deprived!Preparing your child's favourite food is a caring gesture in stressed  times and makes a child loved and cared for. They already have had their share of roughing it out so make your home a place where they relax, feel loved and then watch them as they put in their best!


Tell your child to take it easy and relax. After all, studies and exams do not dictate whether you are a success or a failure!

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