Get Rid Of These 5 Hair Woes With A Relaxing Hair Spa

Your hair suffers the most wear and tear. Did you know that simply going for a hair spa can make your hair healthy? Know-how

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Feb 17, 2020 18:32 IST
Get Rid Of These 5 Hair Woes With A Relaxing Hair Spa

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No matter how much care we take of our hair, it is very much possible for it to be brittle, rough and dry at times. This is because our hair witness the most wear and tear on a daily basis due to several external as well as internal factors. The external factors mostly include pollution, dust, usage of wrong shampoo, over-shampooing, tying the hair roughly, etc. Internal factors for hair loss and hair breakage mostly include the diet and water intake. More than anything, having healthy hair is something that everyone likes, for which a lot many therapies and spas come in handy. More than anything, it is only a hair spa which gives us the much-needed relaxation and also basic rejuvenation. But did you know that a relaxing spa is a solution to your many hair woes?


Listed below are some hair problems, which can be easily tackled with a relaxing hair spa:

For Strong Hair Roots & Follicles

For healthy hair, it is first that the hair roots and follicles are health. In several cases, one experiences mass hair fall due to the reason of weak hair follicles. Weak hair follicles mean hair loss and poor growth. For the same, a hair spa does precisely everything that nourishes the scalp, increases blood circulation, softens the hard hair and revitalises the scalp for stronger hair. One should opt for two hair spas a month depending upon the hair type and texture.

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For Repairing Damaged Hair


Apart from the new hair growing every single day, the damaged hair, which has already suffered a great deal of wear and tear need rejuvenation too. A hair spa should be a regular go-to hair therapy for one and all, irrespective of a girl or a boy, as it helps in removing all dirt stuck in the hair pores and follicles to stimulate hair growth. The results of a spa are bouncy, shiny hair sans dandruff, damaged hair and lesser hair fall. Hence, one can also opt for herbal hair spas over the chemical-based ones for maximum results.

For Stress Reduction


When it comes to hair fall, stress is one of the significant factors that play a role in hair health. Hence, stress releases such hormones in the body, which can lead to several illnesses and hair fall too. Therefore, a relaxing spa is a must for those suffering from anxiety or extreme stress to relax. The massage and head wash that is a part of a hair spa is an excellent way to keep you away from world stress, making you able to focus more. Hence, more than its beauty benefit, hair spas are great after a long day at work or a tiring week to get rid of all tension to stimulate hair growth.

For Better Blood Circulation

A hair spa includes a relaxing head massage, which is excellent to improve the blood circulation in the scalp and head. This is necessary as blood is a carrier of several essential hair nutrients which lead to hair growth. A massage also helps in enhancing the blood flow for the hair follicles to get more oxygen for improved hair quality. Make sure that the person doing your hair spa is a certified professional as they know the exact pressure and the pressure points on the head for maximum relaxation.

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For Less Oil Secretion in Scalp


Those who have oily scalp face several difficulties. They have to wash their hair more than regular and also have clogged pores. An oily scalp is a home to dust, dirt and even dead cells, which can also lead to several hairs and scalp-related medical conditions. Also comes with oily scalp is itchy, smelly and dull hair. A regular spa helps in keeping the oil secretion in control, keeping hair fall and hair breakage in control too.

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