Get Relief From Knee And Joint Pain With Hydrolyzed Collagen Type 2

Know how hydrolysed collagen type 2 supplement can help in knee and joint pain.

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Get Relief From Knee And Joint Pain With Hydrolyzed Collagen Type 2

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With increasing age, many diseases start taking birth in the body, although many of these diseases can be controlled by a better diet and regular exercise, it is not possible for everyone to do so. There are some diseases in the body that can take a serious form if not treated properly. Arthritis or knee pain is one such disease, whose number of patients is in crores today as it affects millions of patients today.

Understanding Arthritis

Arthritis is a common disease that mostly affects older individuals, however, nowadays this problem is observed in young people as well. It is of two types – Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Osteoarthritis disease is caused by the damage of joint cartilage. Cartilage is a kind of cushion, which is often on the joint. This prevents the two bones from rubbing, due to which the knee does not make noise and your knees work for a long time. Whereas, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune and inflammatory disease, which means that your immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells in your body, causing inflammation in the affected parts of the body. People suffering from Arthritis always suffer from body pain, swelling in joints, and especially knee pain. The pain is so severe that many times the patient does not feel like getting up from the bed or chair. Also, due to the pain, one cannot sleep and the body feels tired.

What is Type 2 Collagen?

Nveda Joint Support

Due to joint swelling and knee pain, the elders of the house are very upset and go from place to place for its treatment. However, to understand this disease, it is necessary to first understand collagen. collagen is a major structural protein found in the body, from which connective tissues are made in the body. Collagen is present in almost all parts of the body, including bones, hair, skin, muscles, nails, and joints. There are many types of collagen, but type 2 collagen is specifically related to joints. Research has shown that 50 percent of cartilage is made up of type 2 collagen, which is a type of hydrolyzed collagen type 2. It has been observed that there is a deficiency of this type of protein in the body and due to its deficiency, the knees start responding prematurely.

To fulfill the deficiency of hydrolyzed collagen Type 2 in the body, Nveda has developed Nveda Joint Support tablets. This is very beneficial and offers several benefits. It contains several key ingredients that aid in the rehabilitation and maintenance of joint health. Let us explore its advantages in detail:

  • The cartilage present in the middle of the knee joint contains hydrolyzed collagen Type 2, which normally we are not able to meet deficiency with our diet. Nveda Joint Support tablets are formulated to fulfill the deficiency of this protein. It primarily contains hydrolyzed collagen Type 2. This collagen is extracted from chicken cartilage.
  • If there is insufficient lubrication between the two bones in the joints, then it will increase the friction, due to which it will result in increased pain. This Nveda tablet contains Glucosamine, which is an enzyme produced naturally by our body. These natural enzymes provide lubrication to the cartilage between our joints and help alleviate pain.
  • This tablet also contains Calcium Citrate . It works in a way by sending signals to your knee through the nerves, allowing various activities within the knee to be identified.
  • It contains Calcium Ascorbate, which is a natural form of Vitamin C. The amount of anti-oxidants inside calcium ascorbate is very high. With the increase in age, the amount of free radicals in our body increases a lot, due to which our body becomes more ill and it also affects our joints. Due to the presence of antioxidants, calcium ascorbate controls free radicals, which results in reducing knee pain.
  • Nveda Joint Support also contains  MSM (Methylsulfonyl) . It helps in reducing joint inflammation, increasing flexibility, and restoring collagen production. It is a natural and effective anti-inflammatory supplement, which prevents swelling of the knee.

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When our lifestyle starts deteriorating, stress starts increasing, and along with the body, the cartilage of the joints starts deteriorating, due to the lack of which friction in the knee is created and due to which there is pain.  Well researched natural ingredients present in the Nveda Joint Support tablet prevent the cartilage from getting damaged. This provides natural moisture and flexibility to the joints. It is a Non Vegetarian natural supplement as it contains ingredients extracted from Chicken & Marine Fish. Nveda products are among the bestsellers on Amazon and Flipkart. It is affordable, and you can buy it on e-commerce sites or you can go on Nveda's own site to buy it.