General Dating Rules for Women

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Jun 02, 2011

General dating rules for women

Main rule of dating tips for women is that 'let men do the chasing and always be the chooser!'


Dating Tips for Women


Look Your Best


Make sure that you look good on your date. Take- off some time before your date and pamper yourself in beauty salon and transform yourself into a beautiful princess. Make sure that you always look stunning on your date and leave him guessing if you wake up looking the same.


Avoid Long Dates


Keep your meetings short so that he keeps on asking for more. Long dates often turn out to be boring. So go for quality dates rather than quantity. Avoid projecting yourself to be always available and desperate to meet him. Don’t meet him whenever he asks for, in fact go when you feel that it is actually required.


Don’t discuss Your Past


Never mention about your previous relationships. Many women think that talking about their ex-boyfriends will make men more curious about them but in reality it will only bring element of suspiciousness to your relationship.  So make sure that you don’t talk about your past relationships when dating another man.


Be Mysterious


Leave the guy guessing about you by being keeping your secrets to yourself. Don’t disclose everything about you in the initial meetings. Let the guy be curious and find out himself.


Talk about things that interest him


If you want to impress your man then show your interest in the things he likes. For instance, if your man is into sports then talk about sports. If you are a novice in the field then just show your interest in sports but avoid talking nonsense. You can also talk about your common interests; this will give you more topics to impress him.


Show Your Etiquette


Beauty alone is not sufficient for impressing a guy it demands more from you. Show your sensitive side to him- behave in a good manner to him as well as to others. For instance if you receive roses from your date then say ‘thank you’ with a smile.


An important dating tip for women is that "going late for dates also works for them". But make sure that you don’t do it too often as it will irritate him and he may lose interest in you.


Never make an opinion about your guy until you know him well. Don’t judge him by his looks. Instead take time and try to know him in a better way.


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