Know why you have to Visit the Washroom Often during Pregnancy

Frequent urination is a common issue during pregnancy the symptoms of which include lack of sleep, bladder leakage, pressure on the bladder and others.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
PregnancyWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: May 23, 2012
Know why you have to Visit the Washroom Often during Pregnancy

It is definitely very irritating to go for nature’s call all the time, and especially when you are carrying a growing baby in your womb.


urination during pregnancyUrinating frequently is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy. Increase supply of blood, hormones and weight of the uterus make a pregnant woman want to visit the bathroom more frequently than when she was not pregnant. Although, frequent urination is not something to worry about and absolutely normal, it could be a problem that mandates immediate treatment. The best way you can stay in safety’s loop is by letting your doctor know about the changes you experience in your pregnancy term. Here are some of the symptoms of frequent urinations during pregnancy.


Lack of Sleep

Regrettably, frequent urination does not limit itself to daylight hours, but night as well. Pregnant women will feel the need to urinate more often even at night. According to Baby Centre, frequent urination happens at night because of the fluid that is retained in the legs and gets reintroduced into the bloodstream getting eliminated through the kidneys. Getting up at night to urinate several times can cause sleep deprivation, especially if the woman finds it hard to go back to sleep.


Bladder Leakage

The need to urinate frequently during pregnancy will cause the bladder to leak, especially if the woman finds it difficult to locate the bathroom or the baby punches or kicks the bladder. Bladder leakage often gets confused with leakage of the amniotic fluid. If there is any confusion on what the leakage really is, a health care provider must be asked to examine.



When the baby grows larger and heavier, the uterus begins to put pressure on the bladder. During the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby starts to move lower into the pelvis to prepare itself for delivery, which puts even more pressure on the bladder and creates an uncomfortable sensation in the mother, which is often misunderstood to be a part of labour.


Symptoms of a Problem

If there is any problem, frequent urination may be accompanied by symptoms such as cramping, urination, foul smelling urine and painful urination. The American Pregnancy Association says that such symptoms may signal the possibility of a urinary tract infection or an infection in the bladder. Pregnant women, who experience any of these symptoms along with frequent urination, should notify a health care provider. Infections that are left untreated are highly likely to increases the chances of preterm labour and an unhealthy baby, which may be given further treatments to grow into a full-term baby.

You could contact your doctor in case it is getting very irritating, and ask him for some remedies.

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