Foods that you should avoid in order to prevent nasal congestion

The stuffy feeling that sometimes you have in your nose and throat can be because of many reasons and your food can be one of those many reasons. Yes, certain foods can give you nasal and throat congestion. 

 Onlymyhealth Staff Writer
Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Aug 21, 2017 16:42 IST
Foods that you should avoid in order to prevent nasal congestion

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Don’t you just hate that feeling when you feel congested and uncomfortable with your nose and throat? Where you are not able to breathe properly and feel clogged and your throat seems to be coated with something you are not able to wash down with any liquid. It could be because of an allergy or cold or maybe because of something you ate. 

Yes, even food can cause nasal and throat congestion. There are many foods that can cause a mucus lining in throat and nasal congestion. If you have any sort of nasal problem such as sinus, you should avoid certain foods to avoid discomfort. Indeed certain foods can contribute to further discomfort in breathing and throat. Foods that promote formation of mucus are mainly cause congestion. 

It is better to avoid certain foods to avoid nasal congestion. Here is a list of foods that can cause nasal and throat congestion.

Milk and other dairy products

Milk and certain dairy products such as cream and butter thicken the mucus, although the mucus is thickened for a brief period but this causes the allergens to dwell in your system. Also, milk can create more mucus, especially the full-cream milk. 

Refined sugar

Foods containing refined sugar such as chocolates can stimulate the growth of bacteria and increase yeast in body, in-turn causing nasal congestion.  


Foods that have gluten can cause inflammation and formation of mucus. Things can aggravate if you have gluten sensitivity. Wheat, rye, mayonnaise, cereals and other foods that have gluten are very common to cause nasal congestion but only to people gluten sensitivity. 

Seafood and fish

Certain seafood and fish can cause inflammation and swelling in nasal passage swelling. You will get the idea as soon you start eating a fish; you will feel unease in swallowing and breathing. Usually fish with high amount of oils are the ones causing nasal and throat congestion. 

Red meat

The high protein content that red meat has causes the extra mucus formation, making you feel congested. If you have sinus, red meat can wreak havoc.


Nuts can pose as allergen to some people, triggering allergic reactions, sometimes even worsening up sinus. You may have heard that few people have nut allergies; the histamine present in nuts is the real culprit. Nuts, such as walnut, peanut and cashew nut can cause the nasal passages to swell. 

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