Foods to keep you Young

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Nov 01, 2011

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Foods to keep you YoungYou can add years to your life simply by making the right food choices. Of course, leading a healthy lifestyle and staying active would help but for delaying the aging process, nothing beats having a nutrient-packed diet rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants destroy cell damaging free radicals of your body and prevent many diseases. This results in delaying the decaying process of the body. Include the following foods in your diet to stay younger for longer.


Olive Oil


It has high content of polyphenols, powerful antioxidant which help to prevent diseases related to age. The monosaturated fats found in olive oil were responsible for low rates of heart disease and less occurrence of cancer on a Greek island known as Crete. There was study called Seven Country Study 40 years ago which concluded that it was due to the good health impact of olive oil.


Organic Milk


If you start taking organic milk instead of regular pasteurised one, it would be much more conducive to have good health. This is because the antioxidants are more in those cows that have been fed on grass or other organic food items. The milk of these cows show 40 to 50 percent more antioxidants compared to conventionally bred cows. Regardless of whether the grains fed to cows are supplemented or not, the cows raised on grass have much more health benefits.




Having 1 cup of yoghurt gives you as much riboflavin as you find in a cup of boiled spinach. Riboflaving (also called vitamin B) is essential for acting as a catalyst of antioxidant activity. Without its initiation, the glutathione antioxidant is not able to destroy free radicals in the body. It is important that you replenish the body’s need for riboflavin daily because it is water soluble and stays in the body for only a few hours. Yoghurt is just the right food for it.


Natural Sweeteners


If you remove excess sweeteners from your diet and include natural ones such as brown sugar, maple syrup, honey and molasses, it can help you satisfy your sweet tooth without harming your health. The antioxidant content of molasses in particular was found to be very high by researchers of the Virginia Tech University.




These are rich in unsaturated fats and have benefits similar to those of olive oil. Apart from that, they also contain vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals which bring down the aging process.


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