Eating these Foods could Put you in Danger during Pregnancy

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Feb 15, 2012
Quick Bites

  • Avoid eating sushi and rare meats during pregnancy.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating.
  • Bromelain in pineapples can lead to softening of the cervix.
  • Sugary foods must be consumed in moderation.

Pregnancy is an important phase in a woman’s life when she goes through a multitude of bodily changes.

Taking care of oneself when pregnant is very important and it counts the smallest of things that you expose your body to such as food. Although, the list may seem long, here are the basic food items that you will have to cut out from your list of daily consumables.

Raw Meat

By raw meat, we do not mean literally, but those kinds that qualify as raw meat such as rare meats, sushi etc. If you are served meat on a platter that doesn’t seem like what you ordered, do not eat. Eating raw meat can breed salmonella or toxoplasmosis.

Soft Cheese

Soft cheese is made in a completely different way compared with normal cheese. Therefore, consuming soft cheese can cause unfavourable changes in your body, especially during pregnancy when the body’s immune system is directed at protecting the growing baby. Unpasteurized cheese includes brie, camembert, feta, queso blanco, bleu cheese etc.


Raw Eggs

Like raw meat, raw eggs can cause salmonella infection if consumed during pregnancy. Food that contain raw eggs and must be avoided include raw cookie dough, cake butter, custards, homemade ice-cream, egg nog, mayo etc.



Fish is packaged with a certain amount of mercury that must be avoided as it can lead to brain damage of the baby. Mercury foods to avoid during pregnancy include tilefish, shark, king mackerel, sword fish etc.


Rice flour

Rice flour is a common ingredient in Indian cuisine. Avoid eating food that are made of rice flour.


Sugary food

Foods to avoid during pregnancy include sugary food as well. Considering that it cannot be absolutely avoided for 9 months, you can consume moderate amount of sugar because an excess of sugar is detrimental though the consequences have not been precisely discovered scientifically.

Excess of Deli Meats

Considering that deli meats are packed with the risk of listeriosis, they come under the category of foods to avoid during pregnancy though you can consume them after heating internally at 165 degrees.


Excess of Vitamin A

Avoid excessive eating of liver as it contains Vitamin A in non-beta-carotene form. An excess of this form of vitamin can cause birth defects.



Alcohol deters the prenatal development of the fetus. Therefore, the moment you realize the process of conceiving has begun in your body, stop any alcohol consumption.


Papaya comes under top foods to avoid during pregnancy as it brings on labour before time and may even lead to a miscarriage. Papaya is rich in latex, which triggers uterine contractions. They must especially be avoided in the third trimester of pregnancy though papaya if mixed with honey and milk is an effective tonic during lactation.


Pineapples are rich in bromelain as it causes softening of the cervix, which can lead to an early labour. This, however, happens only if the woman drinks pineapple juice in excess. A pregnant woman can have pineapple juice in moderate quantities, but considering that every woman is different, it is advisable that you consult your doctor before devising quantifies of risky foods yourself.

Wash Fruits and Vegetables

There are times when no matter how much you believe in hygiene, you tend to avoid washing fruits because of laziness. Pregnancy is not the time to be lazy about washing fruits and vegetables at least twice before eating. Whatever you consume transfers to the baby and if it is not properly washed off of bacteria or dirt, they can transfer to the baby.


Certain foods have to be avoided during pregnancy becaise of their acidic nature and possibility of them leading to unwanted complications during the course of the term. By avoiding them under the supervision of your doctor you can mislead the complications and allow the swift flow of nutrients as well.


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