Bitten by a Dog? Follow these Instructions

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Nov 14, 2014
Quick Bites

  • Clean wound with water if it is on the skin's surface.
  • Let the wound bleed if it is a deep wound.
  • If unknown dog bites, catch and observe them.
  • Look for reasons your dog has bitten you.

A dog bite can happen due to several reasons and at any point of time. From a teething puppy to a strange ferocious street dog, anything can pose a threat to one's life. Thus, a bite is something which is not under your control. But, dealing with it properly is.

There are some steps that you must follow when bitten by a dog. These steps largely depend on the circumstances and severity of the injury. Here are some of the useful advices that can come to your rescue when a dog attacks you.

Rabies Treatment And Prevention

Surface Wound

If the wound has only occurred on the skin surface, clean the wound first with running water and then with hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol. Put some topical antibiotic and cover it with a bandage.

Skin-Deep Wounds

Do not panic and let the wound bleed properly. But if you have lost a lot of blood or the blood is flowing out forcefully or if the wound is on the head or neck rush for immediate medical help. When you let the blood flow out it will help cleansing the body.

Wait for five minutes and check whether the flow stops with pressure. If it doesn’t work, call for emergency help. When the bleeding doesn’t stop by applying pressure, cleanse it by rinsing under running water and with mild soap for five minutes.

Never rub alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, or Mercurochorme for deep wounds. Doing this can slow down the healing process.

Rabies Treatment And Prevention

Disease and Rabies

In case you have been bitten by an unknown dog, according to American Red Cross you must stop, catch or hold the animal. Contact the animal catch control so that get hold of the dog and then rush for rabies vaccination.

In case the animal shows signs of partial paralysis, aggression or behaves in a strange way it may have rabies.

Make sure that you have disinfected the wound properly because all animal bites can transmit bacteria and cause infection.

In Case you Puppy Bites you

When your puppy is at its teething stage it will develop a tendency to bite. In early stages they do it due to a craving and later they try to establish dominance. To deal with your puppies nip, the most important thing to do is stay calm because the less you react to it the less importance your puppy will see to it.

Secondly, you must learn the signs which show that the puppy is going to nip. Whenever you see them doing it punish them with a quick pinch on the scruff. This will teach them not to do so.

In Case Your Dog Bites you

In such cases, you must first analyze the condition in which your dog bit you. If it was during a dog fight and you happened to be around, then there is nothing to be worried about your dog’s aggressive behaviour.

However, if your dog has bitten you for no apparent reason you must visit the veterinarian first.

In Case Someone Else’s Dog Bites you

If the dog is owned by someone, take down the details of their rabies vaccination from them. Check with the veterinarian to be sure that the vaccines are up to date.

It may not be possible for you to prevent a dog bit but, you can surely protect yourself from further damage caused by infections by following the above mentioned procedures.

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