Skin Hacks: 5 Times You Should Definitely Skip Makeup

If you love your skin and don’t want it to suffer, then you should avoid wearing makeup these 5 times. 

Arushi Bidhuri
Skin CareWritten by: Arushi BidhuriPublished at: Feb 18, 2020Updated at: Feb 18, 2020
Skin Hacks: 5 Times You Should Definitely Skip Makeup

You should wear makeup when you feel like – no judgement. While makeup goes a long way in increasing your confidence when you go out, it can be extremely daunting if you’re wearing it while going to the gym or a hair removal treatment. But when should you skip makeup? 

If you love your skin and don’t want it to suffer, then you should avoid wearing makeup these 5 times.


Before Bedtime 

Never wear makeup to bed – even if you’re just wearing lipstick and an eyeliner. No matter where you are, you have to get rid of all the makeup before going to bed to avoid inflammation. Makeup products are often oil-based and not removing them properly at the end of the day might lead to clogged pores. So, avoid sleeping in your makeup to prevent long-lasting damage to your skin. Keep your skin hydrated by following three simple steps: cleanse, tone and nourish.

When You're Working Out 

We all know that wearing makeup to a workout session is not the best idea because sweating and mascara don’t go well together. When you wear makeup to the gym, you’re not only putting the skin at risk of developing breakouts but also preventing the skin to extract as many benefits as it can from a workout.

workout makeup

After Hair Removal Treatment 

Wearing makeup immediately after a laser hair treatment is probably not the best idea. The skin requires time to heal after cosmetic surgery and doctors recommend avoiding makeup for at least 48 hours. If you have sensitive skin, it's better to avoid makeup as it can cause skin allergies.

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When you Have Acne

Well, covering acne with some makeup is not a problem but you shouldn’t overdo it or keep it on the face for long. You can wear makeup when you’re breaking out, but you have to be extra careful. 

acne makeup

Apply an acne patch and then wear makeup to avoid direct contact of the products with your skin. Ensure that you’re using clean fingers or makeup brushes for application, as bacteria on these brushes can make the condition worse.

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While Swimming  

There are chlorine, dirt and bacteria in the water which can cause inflammation and breakouts. For this reason, you shouldn’t wear makeup to the pool. You should avoid it as much as you can. However, it is not as bad as you might think – makeup might act as a barrier that protects your skin from chlorine and other cleaning agents. 

Some Makeup Hygiene Tips

makeup hygiene

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  • Wash your face before you apply makeup to avoid trapping in any bacteria. 
  • Avoid sharing makeup with your friends, especially lipstick. 
  • Never leave any bottle or makeup product open as it may allow bacteria to get in. 
  • Clean your brushes and sponges every day to disinfect them. 
  • Always wash your hands before using any makeup. 
  • Avoid oil-based products, go for powders that last longer and doesn’t carry as much risk. 
  • Do not dip your dirty fingers in your lip balms or eyeshadows.

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