5 Surprising things that are ruining your teeth

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jun 01, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Brushing your teeth right after a meal can damage your teeth.
  • Brushing at the right time is important.
  • Rinse your teeth with water frequently.
  • Never miss appointments with the dentist.


Everyone knows that eating candies, drinking sodas or wine and smoking cigarettes come under bad habits for teeth. We also know that chewing on hard things such as pens or pencils is not good either as it can damage teeth enamel. However, there are several other mistakes that can ruin your teeth that you may not be paying attention to. Here are five of them.

Chewing pen or pencil

Meal-time brushing

Brushing your teeth twice a day is a good habit but brushing right after eating acidic foods like juice, fruits, red wine and soda isn’t a good idea as it can weaken the teeth enamel and may even lead to yellowing and cracks in the teeth. It is one most common brushing mistakes that we make. Instead of brushing immediately, rinse your mouth with water and wait for around 40 minutes for the calcium in your saliva to remineralize the teeth. You can then brush your teeth.


Barbecue sauce

This thick and sweet sauce which you use to marinate chicken and other meat also marinates your teeth with sugar leading to tooth discolouration and decay if it stays in your mouth for long. You can either put a thin layer of petroleum jelly over your teeth in order to create a barrier between the sauce and enamel or if you do not want to put petroleum jelly on your teeth, rinse your pearly whites with water and after about half an hour, brush your teeth to remove any residue.


white wine


White wine

According to a recent study, drinking white wine can put people at risk of tooth staining. White wine contains tannins and acids that can make the surface of the teeth rough, making the enamel more porous, which allows the teeth to absorb colour. Therefore, if you drink coffee or eat something right soon after having white wine, you are more likely to have stained teeth.

Cough syrup

Many cough syrups contain sucrose, fructose and citric acids. These ingredients may cause tooth decay and erosion. People who take cough syrup right before going to bed or after they brush their teeth in the night are more likely to have tooth decay. It is recommended to always rinse your mouth with water after taking cough syrup.

Swimming pools

People who swim more than six hours in a week in chemically treated pools are highly likely to develop brown stains on their teeth. When the saliva mixes with the chemicals from the pool, it causes an unusual brown stain on the front teeth. The colour of the stain may range from yellow to dark brown. People who like to swim more often should have frequent sessions with the dentist for cleaning and removing stains. So, its in the best interest of your teeth to avoid the mistakes that are ruining your teeth.



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