Fertility Tourism in India

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Jul 29, 2011

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For many couples longing for a child infertility is like a chronic illness. They invest a lot of time, energy and money to fulfill their desire of having a bundle of joy in their life.


Reasons why foreigners choose India for infertility treatment are

  • The first test tube baby was born on July 25, 1978, in the UK, and the second baby was born in India 67 days later on October 3, 1978.
  • Indian doctors are known to be more caring and most of them speak English
  • Quality Medical Care is available in India at Affordable Prices. The cost of IVF or other infertility treatment in the developed countries is astronomical. In USA IVF treatment, costs about $18,000 a cycle where as in India the same costs around $7,200. Even after considering the travel cost the total cost of treatment is much lower than that in the USA.
  • The quality of medial care in many of India’s hospitals and clinics is comparable to that offered in developed countries like the USA. The standards and practices of these facilities are maintained by strict quality assurance testing.
  • Several hospitals and clinics are specialized for doing IVF/ICSI and have excellent facilities throughout India. These clinics have successfully treated thousands of couples for infertility.
  • Most of the developed countries have strict laws that considerably curtail women's access to assisted reproduction. It is not that only couples from developed world are coming to India to for treatment. Couples desiring children from places like Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan are also increasingly coming to India where such options either do not exist, or have long waiting periods or are not of a suitable quality.

Fertility tourism has become a big business now in India and probably the number of foreigners coming for fertility treatment has more than doubled in the last few years. Not only IVF and other infertility treatment, surrogacy programs in India have also become increasingly popular with foreign patients wishing for children. Infertility treatments, whether with IVF or surrogacy, makes families and many childless couples consider India as hot destination for infertility treatment.



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