Lose Weight With Fennel Seeds: Benefits and How To Consume

Fennel seeds are great for digestive health. These can also help you lose weight quickly and effectively.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Nov 16, 2022 19:11 IST
Lose Weight With Fennel Seeds: Benefits and How To Consume

Weight loss is something that most people wish to achieve but not all succeed. The one reason why you are not able to lose weight could be a wrong diet. You might be restricting yourself from some foods but you might not be adding the right ones either. Fennel seeds or saunf is a popular mouth freshener in India which is known to freshen your mouth and prevent mouth odour. However, fennel has more benefits to it, one of which includes weight loss. Let us understand how fennel seeds can aid weight loss.

Fennel seeds are rich in antioxidants, fiber and several nutrients that makes this great for health. Consumption of fennel seeds regularly speed up metabolism which can boost weight loss. Besides, fennel also detoxifies the body to release toxins and speed fat loss.

Fennel Tea

One of the best way to consume fennel seeds is drinking fennel tea. You need to curb your cravings in order to lose weight effectively. When you feel hungry in between meals, drink a cup of fennel tea. This is a naturally sweet tea which would reduce your hunger and boost digestion. Simply boil a pinch of fennel seeds in water and consume this. To make it more palateable, you can add jaggery to it.

fennel seeds for weight loss

Fennel Seeds on an empty stomach

You must have heard of the benefits of consuming lukewarm water on an empty stomach to kick start metabolism and lose weight. Adding lemon to this water makes it even more great. Similarly, fennel, when taken along with water, first thing in the morning can be great for weight loss.

Taking fennel seeds in this from would release the nutrients in the body and this would relieve all the possible stomach issues that you might have. Additionally, this helps in weight loss.

Soaked Fennel Seeds Water

If possible, soak half a teaspoon of fennel seeds in a glass of water at night. Consume this water in the morning to increase your metabolic rate. The nutrients present in the fennel seeds get released into the water over the span of five to six hours. When you consume this water, all the nutrients get into your system.

fennel for weight loss

Fennel Seeds Powder

You can also consume fennel seeds powder at regular intervals or with a glass of water. Simply coarse grind fennel seeds and have these with water. Not everyone can consume whole fennel seeds and so, they can have its powdered form instead. This is also a great solution for constipation, gas and acidity.

Roasted Fennel Seeds

Sweet cravings are one of the enemies of weight loss process. It is difficult to control sweet cravings and so, you can consider having roasted fennel seeds instead. You can mix brown sugar or jaggery powder to it to make it healthy and sweet.

The above points prove that fennel seeds are great for weight loss. You can have these in numerous ways to help lose weight faster. 

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