Feel Full, Stay Fit with Anti-Hunger Powder

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Aug 23, 2012

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Feel Full Stay Fit with Anti Hunger PowderSoon, we can have a diet powder that could answer dieters’ prayers. The diet additive ‘SATISFIT-LTG’ makes people feel fuller, soon after consuming small amount of food. Besides boasting weight loss, the sweet cravings are kept at bay and worry about consuming more too.

Still in its development phase, the anti-hunger additive is used in yoghurts, soups and smoothies. The dust-like powder turns into gel in stomach and makes one feel full. The initial trials of the magic diet powder suggested that volunteers consumed 13 percent fewer calories after adding powder to their liquids foods on a daily basis.

SATISFIT-LTG is a modified form of methyl cellulose, an additive that binds food together. This white powder has to be dissolved in water first and then added to liquid like smoothies, soups and shakes. The solutions turn into gel-like paste after it reaches room temperature in the stomach.

No safety concern is linked to the ingredient yet, but more research is needed to make conclusion about its action.


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