Feast Today, Fast Tomorrow to Lose Weight

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Aug 31, 2012

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Feast Today Fast Tomorrow to Lose Weight

The latest craze in the unending experiments of weight loss methods is to enjoy a feast one day, only to starve yourself the other. The fans of this method vouch for its effectiveness and they call this weight loss method alternate-day fasting or intermittent fasting. They say that lot of kilos are shed by following this pattern of eating.


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This diet was shown in a BBC2 Horizon documentary in UK that featured health journalist Dr. Micheal Mosley.  He followed the normal pattern of eating for 5 days, while restricting his intake to 600 calories for two days. Mosley was able to shed 6.35 kg by following this method. His body fat declined by 25 per cent, and his cholesterol and blood sugar level also improved.


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Moreover, scientific data points out that such a shift in eating pattern would help people reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. Some sceptics of this new weight loss method feel that having such a routine may prompt people to overeat and more than make up for the calories lost. But subsequent research by University of Illinois in Chicago has disproved this. It showed that people at most eat only 10 per cent more on “feast” days.


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